If you could sell ALL of your LV bags for full retail value, would you?

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  1. I was thinking of this today - I want to sell a bunch of my bags so it will lessen the price of the new bag.... then I was thinking of how much my collection is worth - probably thousands. and imagine an LV collector - OMG!
  2. I would not and my collection literally consists of one clutch (or makeup bag, however you look at it), a coin pouch a Speedy - all purchased in the 1980s! The things I own are so sentimental and I have a hard time imagining them with someone else. Plus, I also have that nagging feeling in the back of my head, what if I'll want to wear one of these one day and I won't have it!?
  3. I just sold my DE Neverfull MM and although everyone rants and raves about it, it just wasn't working for me. I do have some memories with that bag and maybe I'll miss it one day, but right now I think it's better off with someone else who really really wanted that bag. And let's just say I didn't get nearly what I paid for it but oh well, I'm still happy.
  4. I wouldn't sell all of my bags even if I could get full price back for them, but I would be more inclined to sell the ones that I am on the fence about whether to keep or sell right now. For example, I have one bag that I'm thinking of getting rid of, but I like it (only reason why I don't need it anymore is that I got another bag that serves the same function), but my return if I sell is too low for me to go through with it since I still love the bag very much
  5. To answer your question .. NO !
  6. Hell yes! I wear my bags for a year or two and then I sell them on ebay. Full price for my entire collection would allow me to turn around and buy the more expensive styles...I am not that attached to my handbags. However, my jewelry collection is a different story!

    My Current Collection: Monogram Canvas Alma, Speedy 40, Trouville, Babylone, Deauville, Delightful MM, Cabas Mezzo & Alto, Randonnee GM, Sac Tote MM, Manhattan GM, Croissant PM, Mini Noe, Recital, Compiegne GM 28, Compiegne 23, Vintage Cosmetic Pouch, Agenda MM, Vintage Saks Checkbook Cover, Etui Cles Peasge, French Purse, Porte Monnaie Plat Coin Purse, Vintage Checkbook Wallet, Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Khaki Pochette Porte Monnaie Wallet, Vintage Saks Pouch Wallet, Vintage Eyeglass Case, Keepall 50 & 60, Vintage French Co Garment Bag Luggage, Sac Souple 45, Centenaire Damier Soho Backpack, EPI Speedy 35, Dauphine Cosmetic Bag & Pocket Agenda….

    My Wish List: Vernis Alma MM in Amarante w/ matching wallet, Monogram Canvas Alma Voyage, Monogram Canvas Vintage Chantilly PM, Delightful GM, Centenaire Damier Cruiser 45 Bag, Damier Azur Siracusa, Damier Azur & Ebene Matching Accessories…
  7. No, I wouldn't! I would buy all my bags again for the full price if I wouldn't own them yet.
  8. Not all, but most! I've been lucky to get back full retail on my DE Eva Clutch and DE NF MM, and and MC Cles. If your items are in excellent condition, LV does retail most of it's value.
  9. No .... :smile:)
  10. I'd only sell my Verona mm and keep the rest.
  11. There are some I would if I got the full price. Though my Bh I would not.
  12. There are a few I wouldn't mind parting with, but the rest of my collection have already been promised to my LV loving little girl.
  13. Maybe my speedy mono 35. and get the same one with snow-white, frech vach. I love the patina but there are some black marks underneath the handles i cant get out... Nitpicking!! lol.
  14. I think it depends on the situation. Some of my purses (including non-LV) have sentimental value so I wouldn't sell them for that reason. If for some reason I really needed the money I would probably sell the LVs, but I would avoid it at all costs if I could because of the memories associated with the bags.
  15. Nope!