If you could say F%$K it and walk away, what job would you be doing instead?

  1. If you had the choice to say F^&K it and walk away from your current responsibilities, what job would you be doing?

    Me I would be a hip hop dancer and run a dance studio
  2. Dolphin trainer! Or baby elephant carer.
  3. I'd like to be an interior decorator or maybe even a caterer.
  4. Oohhh, I have no clue. Probably be a kindergarten teacher :love: :smile:
  5. Personal shopper, I can play with other people's money :smile:
  6. an Astronaut

    I was going to say Police Officer, but Im actually thinking about doing that..so that wouldnt be a fun answer! lol
  7. I would own my own bakery, and bake cupcakes & cakes all day!
  8. I would run a fitness studio for adolescent/teenage girls. We'd offer all sorts of fitness classes based around hip-hop, kick-boxing and dance cardio. Sessions would only be a half-hour, followed by a 30 min. peer-run mini-workshop on lifestyle issues: body issues, relationships (parents/boyfriends/girlfriends), peer pressure, drugs, bullying, sex. Openess and confidentiality would be the cornerstones. Then I'd take the program into after-4 co-curriculars at schools.

    The whole concept would be based on the massive, sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges that girls 10-18 'ish experience. It would be be built on a system of peer support combined with guidance from trusted, knowledgable and trustWORTHY adult experts. No lectures, no absolutes...just lots of good information and support. It would be funky and cool enough that it wouldn't be geeky to participate. Every quarter or twice a year, we'd bring in a "celebrity" speaker.....to reinforce what we'd been communicating. High school athletic stars, big-name celebs (when and wherever possible), local teen over-achievers, kids who had overcome huge life challenges, etc.

    Not that I've thought about it at all.
  9. Interior designer. :yes:
  10. I would be the person that decides the music played on TV shows and movies. I swear my life is a musical & I can associate a song with most conversations. I don't know what that job title is, but that's me!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Fantastic, b00m!!! Def a "niche" market there! C'mon, what do you hear for tPF if we had to pick a theme song??? :graucho:

    Me, I'd do what I was doing when I was an idealistic fool (read: late teens, early twenties): live a subsistence life in the rain forest while collecting data about ecosystems to add to our collective knowledge of life. Best time of my life. :girlsigh:
  12. Travel writer or party planner
  13. Something, anything having to do with books. Own my own little bookstore like the one in "Who's Got Mail"? I LOVE books...maybe an editor, etc. Of course, I know my store wouldn't survive in this day and age...makes me sad that these cute bookstores are getting trampled by giant chains and Amazon.:tdown:
  14. I would be a biologist or a zoo keeper, or both.
  15. I would be a world traveler. Does that count?