If you could relive one day of your childhood, what day would it be?

  1. If you could relive one day of your childhood, what day would it be?

    Mine would be my 10th Birthday party which I shared with my best friend Linda. It was so much fun. We recieved the same pair of shoes each as gifts from our Moms. I think I laughed all day. :heart:
  2. Awww!!! That's sooo cute!!!!!

    I guess I would have to say the first time we ever went to the beach, when I was 10 yrs. old. That was amazing...I still remember the innocence of it.

    I probably have A LOT more...lol....great thread!!!!
  3. ^^cute

    I would say when my mum bought my little sister back from the hospital, i was 4, i wanted to hold her all day and i wouldn't stop kissing her! we've been inseperable ever since :smile:
  4. ^^^Yeah, I was 4 yrs. old when my sister was born too. I still remember how she grabbed my thumb and wouldn't let go...we are very tight.
  5. ahh, mine was any Wednesday of any week. My Nan and Grandad used to pick us up from school and I just remember being so excited sitting at school just knowing they would be there (gosh they were just THE lovliest people ever). We would get 10 pence each to spend on a chocolate bar on the way home and they would always take us the long route home via the park.

    Innocent times, but wow, I loved them so much :smile:
  6. my cousin's wedding. my entire family was staying at a hotel in philly and it was so nice to have everyone around. i am sort of 1 of 4 and sort of an only child and all my favorite times and memories are when the entire family are together. the wedding was super fun and i remember sitting with my younger cousins at the end when clebration was playing. that wedding was i think the last time all of us were together at the same time. we have one huge family photo of all of us- aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. on my dad's side of the family.

    the other time would be when my my mom's side of the family would get together. we would all sit and watch movies or wonder woman and eat pints and pints of ice cream. once we watched my bloody valentine and it was so fun and one cousin and my aunt were too scared to watch it so they were upstairs reading and i loved going back and forth from the two groups.

    ah, family.
  7. I would re-live a Saturday.

    Many times, on Saturdays, my Dad would take me to a local restaurant...just the two of us. He would always have a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk. I would always have a salad with French dressing and an iced tea. Boy, I thought I was so grown up! We would always try to find a picture that was hung crooked. It was just a sweet time.

    He died in July so memories like that mean so much to me.
  8. What a great topic prada! You out did yourself!
    I really don't have just one day. Even though my mother died when I was 12, I had a great childhood! Like all of you it was about people & times together & not things.
  9. I'd relive.... probably the first time I ever went to the beach with my parents, the first time they took me down to the ocean :smile: It's hard to pick moments with my parents because we had so many GREAT ones, I had a BLESSED childhood.

    It's a tie between that and my granddad's 65th birthday when my grandma and I picked him flowers and we all went for a walk. They're both gone now. :sad:
  10. Oh, any day spent with my dear departed best dad in the world!
  11. Probably the time I went to Disneyland with my parents and my sister...back when everything was fun and less complicated. I was six years old at the time and it was so exciting because it was my first time at Disneyland.
  12. Not to be a downer, but... I would relive the day that I chose to sell one of our horses instead of the other. It might sound strange to most of you, but that's my biggest regret in my whole life. I followed my head instead of my heart. That's a big decision for a sixteen year old to make. Those were the best years of my whole life, and selling him changed a whole lot for me. I know we had to sell one of them (financial reasons; my parents made a lot of sacrifices so I could ride, since we were far from wealthy), but I really feel I made the wrong choice. I wish I could do it over again.
  13. I think it would be a day during a trip I took with my parents to California for two weeks to see family and travel the state. It was 1990 (I was eight years old), and we flew there, rented a minivan, and hit the road. The couple of days that really stand out is when we went to see the huge redwood trees. Afterward, we stopped off at this beautiful scenic overlook area with picnic tables and had a picnic outside, enjoying the beautiful view and the weather. The other day was when we went to San Simeon and visited Hearst Castle. I remember the tour of the castle, the beautiful swimming pools, and just having a good time with my parents :nuts: They divorced a couple of years later and they're both happily remarried, but I just remember having so much fun on our family summer vacations :smile:
  14. Though I still see my Dad everyday, we do mostly office work together now...

    When he first started his business (my age was around 12-13), he had to travel a lot, going back and forth up and down the east coast to make deliveries and pick ups in his big Dodge truck. I was his travel buddy! We'd talk, listen to old music, stop at interesting restaurants, search for the good hotels (with pools for me!) and just have a great time. His trips now are quick business ones, though; I hope we get to do it again eventually :yes:

    Luckily we still get our lunches together. My university is close to my home town, so he'll drive over and pick me up or meet me somewhere. Or when we run errands we'll stop and share our favorite tuna sandwich :smile:
  15. Your memories are wonderful, and touching ladies.....keep em coming !