If you could recommend one Chanel makeup/skincare item

  1. it would be ... ?

    I am just starting to get into it and would love any feedback.
  2. The only things I have ever likes is the eyeshadow and lipgloss
  3. I really liked the Hydromax tinted moisturiser
  4. sublimage eye cream! i love it. it is the best eyecream i've ever tried and i've tried tons (expensive & cheap). I want to try the sublimage skin cream but it is $350 :sad:. i'll never skimp on eye cream but i am hesistant to buy skin cream over $200.
  5. Nail varnish and VitaLumiere foundation. The varnish lasts forever on your nails and the foundation really gives you a dewy glow. Love 'em both!
  6. The tinted moisturizer is great, especially during the warmer months. The Black Jade eye pencil is another favorite of mine.
  7. I love the hydramax tinted moisturizer and the serum.
  8. their Nail polishes, (tad overpriced though)
    Aqualumiere Lipstick

    their precision Hydramax moisturizer is IMO good for summer.. but too drying for winter..
  9. I love their quad eye shadows. I have two; Spices and Garden Party. Also, their glosses are amazing.
  10. I've heard great stuff about the Sublimage eye cream. Go get it!
  11. CHANEL lipglosses r amazing, makes ur lips look lovely & they'r not sticky
    CHANEL nail varnishes r nice too (just dont forget ur base coat b4 & topcoat later hehe)
    & finally, their eyeshadows..just the little shiy black packaging is TO-DIE-FOR!
  12. the Glossimers, hands down!!
  13. Sublimage face cream, tinted moisturizer. The nail polishes (while I do have some colors I like) are not as good as MAC. They chip more easily in my experience.
  14. Definitely Sublimage! The eye cream is wonderful, I'm on my 2nd jar. It has a fabulous texture and really gives results. I also use the skin cream; it is a good "do-everything" cream.
  15. Chanel Joues Contraste Powder blush--lasts all day on my very oily face. Very pigmented so a light hand is a must.

    Chanel Double Compact Powder Foundation oil free---again, for my greasy face, it's the only thing that held the oilies when it was 100 deg up for at least 4-5 hrs before blotting.