If you could pick one item (no $ limit...) What would you choose?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I really want the textile flat thong slippers. The raspberry color is cute.
  2. Are you talking about LVs or anything?
  3. The Le Fabuleux
  4. I would LOVE to get my hands on Sac Fermoir either denim or Cerises.
  5. i'd hunt down an oskar waltz :love:
  6. i'd like to get the Multicolore Eye Need You in white, like the one LV_addict has :love::love::love:
  7. A LV trunk! :love:
  8. Mazarine in alligator. :love:
  9. :yes: That's my hearts desire.
  10. The Clear plastic trunks in the Paris LV. They are like 10,000 bucks a piece. Thick clear plastic with etched LV's and real vachetta and brass hardware!
  11. Me too!!!:love:
  12. :shocked: I need to see this. Got any pics?
  13. LVs. Sorry :amazed:
  14. I want a Le Fab, but I fear that it is jut too big for me. But for sure, it's my favorite LV bag.

  15. Le Fab in white or red :heart:
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