If you could pick 1 CDC....What's your Grail CDC?

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  1. If you could pick 1 CDC, your goto, your grail CDC, what color would it be?
  2. black croc w/GHW...:love:
  3. I guess it would be the same as christymarie. Blk croc w/ghw -

    If I didn't already have the one I have:

    Which is a black lthr w/GHW (not sure of leather but it's a bit like Epsom) so It would be a bit silly to have both in the same cw.

    I love the CdC I have already so I can't see myself trading up.

    But I would get a natuaral lizard w/ph which is not my HG but very close to
  4. I'm not really a CDC gal, but I wouldn't run screaming from the room if someone gave me a silver CDC. :drool:
  5. Ombre lizard! :smile:
  6. I tried one on today and I agree ;)
  7. white epsom with palladium. very Lady Gaygay and I lovett.
  8. me too :yes: (that's not to say i wouldn't mind having a few more even though i have it :whistle: ).
  9. count me in as a triplet with the ombre lizard CDC!!!
  10. Silver CDC.
  11. Silver CDC for me too
  12. I'm not a cdc girl either but love, love the silver cdc:love:...I just can't get used to the hw on the cdc...sad but true:confused1:...it just doesn't seem to be 'me'.
  13. Ombre Lizzie or Croc of some sort, both with PH.
  14. Braise Croc CDC that is!
  15. Black with GHW