If you could open your own business, what would it be?

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  1. A fashion boutique for me.
  2. A hip, fun, funky little vegetarian restaurant for me. My little town has nothing.
  3. I have been working on that for a while now, selling my jewelry. :flowers:
  4. I think I would love to own some sort of funky, retro-styled pottery shop or blown glass. I am an artist, but don't know either of these mediums, unfortunately, but it's always been a desire to learn.
  5. A wild animal sanctuary.
  6. I would love to open a bakery!
  7. Either a clothing boutique or a cafe.
  8. A luxury shoe boutique or book store (even though Borders would probably put me out of business).
  9. I do own some businesses. We own jewelry stores, precious metals trading company and we are opening (but not running ourselves) a mother-baby boutique.

    If I could own ANY business, I'd be in rare documents/antique books. I think that would be so cool.
  10. i'd open a funky boutique of everything i love- The back of the store would be clothing with labels like splendid, velvet, sworn virgins- you know, that soft cotton.., mirrors everywhere, one corner would sell my bf's family's kettle corn (SO DELICIOUS) and my own homemade granola bars (they are also delish) and the other corner would be a couple bookshelves of my favorite books with tea and other little homemade snacks for sale. i would have some cool funky tunes playing as well. would you guys come shop at my store?!
  11. I would love to own a book store. Probably specializing in rare books or children's books.
  12. Oh definitely. I think rare, older books are amazing, and wish I had the know-how to venture into something like this. How fascinating.

  13. I would!

    I make it a point to give my business to local mom & pop stores before big corporations. Mostly because I *am* a mom & pop store. lol But I would definately hang somewhere like that.
  14. A coffee shop or a purse boutique!
  15. I have a thing for foreign fashion and accessories! I would love to travel all over the place and find unique pieces to sell!

    BUT...I live in a very small town...things would not sell at all here, or at least not enough to keep me open!