If you could only

  1. keep one bag and one accessory what would it be???

    sorry so bored!!! :upsidedown:

    hmm this might be hard i even have to think about it
  2. i think i'd get a suhali, dont know the name, but the one with long straps, in black.. and a medium agenda epi mandarine.. =)
  3. oh wow....
    one bag I guess would be cerises speedy
    one accesory that I own that I would keep is panda cles (can a pochette be an accesory...they are technically called a pochette accessoires...if so then I'll kleep my panda pochette).
  4. hehe... i think it would be my mono speedy 25 even though i love my bh! ahhhh
    and my perfo cles
  5. Bags I own? MC Keepall, not owned L'Extravagant

    Accessories I own? Tambour Large Quarts, Not Owned a more expensive watch
  6. Um..I'd keep either my BH or Mezzo. I love my Chinchilla Demi Lune but I'd need to keep something I'd use regularly.
    And for an accessory..I'd probably keep my fuchsia PTI wallet since I rarely ever change wallets.
  7. Probably a PH and a cles.

    If it was any bag, I'd get probably l'epanoui GM in white and the matching PTI !
  8. Mono Speedy 25 and perfo cles :yes:
  9. Speedy and a cles.
  10. If I had to chose from what I currently own...
    Cerise Speedy + Mono Koala Wallet

    If I got to choose from anything...
    Red/Cream Cherry Blossom Papillon + Silver Graffiti Pochette
  11. My fuchsia baggy pm and my white MC wapity!

    Interesting question!
  12. Fuchsia Mini Pleaty and Small Monogram Agenda =)

    (If this would be about choosing ANY designer bag that you own, then I'd say my Gucci tote along with the LV agenda)
  13. :P thanks everyone!!! isnt hard when it comes down to it! hehehe
  14. only one...

    le fab and lv wallet (not sure which though)
  15. own: speedy 25 & MOM's MC PTI

    not owned: manhattan Gm and Madarin PTI