If you could only wear ONE makeup product...

  1. What would it be, and why?

    For me, I'd pick eyeliner. I'm Asian and eyeliner adds a lot to my face. I typically only wear eyeliner on a daily basis. If not eyeliner, then mascara. My skin is in good shape and can go naked, and I can live with my dark circles and bare lips!

    (Sorry if a thread like this has already been created, I searched and couldn't find!)
  2. This has never been an easy question for me :smile: but an eyeliner pencil would be the one to go :smile:
  3. Hmm, I'd have to say either mascara or lipstick... mascara because it really makes me look alive (and awake :p). Lipstick because it's one of my favourite products.
  4. lipstick... sunglasses does the trick without having any mascara on...
  5. Eyebrow pencil
  6. eyeliner. or bronzer.
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    eyebrow pencil or powdered color, out of necessity; my brows are very sparse
  8. Concealer to cover blemishes/dark circles; good looking skin would be my top priority
  9. Lipgloss
  10. eyeliner.
  11. Mascara. In fact if I'm in a hurry that's sometimes the only thing I put on.
  12. lipstick probably...
  13. Foundation, I'm only 24 with pretty decent skin but I still like to look awesome and polished
  14. Concealer
  15. Same here