If You Could Only Wear One Label

  1. If You Could Only Wear One Label, Which would it be ?

    I would choose Chanel :love:
  2. I always like YSL
  3. Hmmm That one is hard!

    Probably D & G

  4. Marc Jacobs tied with D & G!
  5. YIKES! I can't narrow it down to just one:cry: I would have to break it down into categories (ie. shoes, jeans, suits, casual) -but that would be cheating wouldn't it.

    So I guess I would have to say Valentino or Dolce & Gabbana
  6. For me it would have to be....... *ACKKKK* I'm pulling my hair out! There are sooo many brands that I LOVE - but I would have to say..... Gucci. There. I said it. But I hope it never ever comes down to that!
  7. It would probably be Dolce & Gabbana. Their suits are killer, dresses sexy and most of the non-runway styles are actually classic and wearable.

    Otherwise I would choose Lanvin or Chanel. (Balenciaga is too hit-or-miss avant garde. Marc Jacobs is quirky-nice but can be too cartoonish. Prada can be gimmicky. Gucci is in transition. Chloe doesn't have anything appropriate suit-wise. Same with Marni.)
  8. At the moment, I would have to say Bottega Veneta, as their A/W'06 collection is really wearable and of course, their leathergoods are always gorgeous. :love:
  9. I'd choose Chanel!!!! :love:
  10. I'll go with Dolce & Gabbana. I could have sexy gowns and great hanging out outfits all in one stop.
  11. Chanel, def. Chanel :smile:
  12. Chloe because it's so girly.
  13. Jil Sander
  14. Chanel is a great choice. So is Prada.
  15. Marc by Marc Jacobs.
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