if you could only use 1 product for the rest of you life...

  1. what would it be?

    id probably say under eye consealer since i have football player dark circles that run in my family. but what cant you 'live with out'?
  2. I must say mascara since without my face looks blah
  3. eye liner for sure!!!
  4. Lipgloss for sure:nuts:
  5. cleanser- either kiehl's blue herbal cleanser or clarins cleansing milk for normal/combi skin.
  6. As far as make up..It would be a sheer lipstick. If your lips look good, your smile looks good and it brightens your face up. but....
    I wanna say a multi purpose face color that I can wear on eyes,lips and cheeks but wasnt sure if that would be cheating lol!:P
  7. MAC Lip Glass!!!
  8. Vaseline! Looks great on my lips, a light touch keeps my eyebrows shaped, and a whole lot keeps my feet nice and soft.
  9. wel skincare wise...cleanser. or moisturizer

    then makeupwise, blush/bronzer
  10. it's a toss up between moisturizer and lip gloss. but i think lip gloss wins.
  11. eyeliner! second choice would be lip gloss.
  12. Oh man... I want to say concealer, but I know I would go absolutely crazy without some Balmy Nights or Carmex!
  13. Definitely lip gloss!!!

    Oh, and do my eyelash extensions count??

    I'd be fine if I had those two! :P
  14. A good moisturizer for my skin would have to be number one.

    A good blush/bronzer that can also be used as eyeshadow in a pinch. Lipstick too...and my Chanel #19!
  15. A thick shea butter, that I could use on my lips or my body.