If you could only pick one!

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If you could only pick one gift!

  1. Hudson

  2. Manhattan PM

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  1. Hi gals, I haven't posted in a while (been cheating on Louis with another man...:shame:smile: but now I'm having a little problem! If someone was going to buy you either the Hudson or the Manhattan PM, which one would you choose and why?

    Will your decision be different if you were buying it for yourself? :P

    There's also only a $10 difference in price! (Manhattan pm - $1390, Hudson - $1400.)

    Thanks so much!
    hudson.jpg mpm.jpg
  2. Manhattan because the Hudson would be annoying to get in and out of with that buckle. And I don't think it would look good if it was left unbuckled.
  3. Manhattan because of the shape and the handle. My moms more of the sholder type so it really depends on you.
  4. I definitely would pick the Manhattan! :yes:
  5. Manhattan!! Mainly because of the buckle..
  6. I'd go with the Manhattan PM,the strap & buckles can be a real PITA :sad: .
  7. Manhattan PM gets my vote.
  8. i'd say the Manhattan PM, for the same reasons that everyone else has posted above, and also because i have it :lol:!
  9. Manhattan!
  10. Manhattan gets my vote, too! So classy.
  11. Manhattan! I have loved that bag since first sight! I agree with everyone who said the Hudson would be a pain to get in and out of because of the buckle. It looks like there would be more room in the Manhattan too.
  12. ^ yeah that! Too fiddly for me...so it's the Manhattan for me too...Would be the same choice regardless who's buying it...
  13. Manhattan PM. Im nuts over it. So classy and timeless.
  14. Manhattan....I just think it looks better!
  15. Manhattan PM! Simply because I prefer the look of it. It's just so gorgeous... :P