If you could only keep one--Red or Black Flap?

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  1. Hi,
    I went overboard with Chanel purchases....which of these two would you keep if you had to choose, and why? :biggrin:


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  2. black one ~~~easy matching ~~
  3. the black


    it's bigger
    it's more classic
    it's easier to match
    you can do 2 chain or 1 longer chain

    in years to come it can serve you well

    it's really classy

    looks like day OR evening

    so stunning.
  4. What other Chanels are in your collection? If you love this particular shade of red, then it's a keeper. It'd be difficult to track down again should you have regrets. The black bag will always be there when you want it. I would've suggested you keep the red, BUT I'm just not feeling the smaller size. Personally, I would keep the black because I think the size is more versatile. Plus, I think the black is more of a classic choice.
  5. Absolutely the black medium flap. The red mini is certainly cute, but I 10000% prefer the medium flap... it will be much more versatile for you.
  6. Black (even though I love the red).
    Black is so classic, and goes with everything.
  7. Black! It goes with everything.
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    Oh my gosh this is tough. I actually have both of those and love both equally. I sometimes feel as though I can fit more into the red square one because of it not having two flaps. It's not really a mini to me (it's larger than the current mini), it's actually in between the mini and the M/L size classic flap. It's just as roomy as the M/L to me.
    Also the red one is perfect when you wear it messenger style. You can shorten the strap and wear it all kinds of different ways as well. It's so cute & so versatile. You can tell that I love this purse :smile:
    Then again, I also adore the shape of the classic M/L more than any of my other bags. I wear it with the chain worn both short & long. Although when I wear the M/L (black) one messenger style, it is a little short. Honestly this is my most favorite style and shape of all the Chanel purses. I just love the way it looks.

    I couldn't let go of either one of these. Is there any way that you could possibly keep both? The red vintage lambskin is to die for and the black M/L classic flap is a must in everyones collection. Also one has silver hardware and the other has gold. They are really different bags. I wish that you could keep both, but then again I don't know what other bags you have. You may not need both. This is such a tough decision. Let us know what you decide :smile:

    ** I forgot to mention that the style of the black one has been the same for probably 50 years and will most likely never change. Chanel releases it year after year so it's really timeless. 10 years from now it could still be passed off as a brand new bag if kept in good shape, where as the red one is not currently in production and hasn't been so for a while now so it's much easier to tell the age of the purse. I'm not sure if any of this will factor in with your decision, but I just wanted to mention it.

    *** If you definitely must choose one, I'd recommend keep the black one only because it is truly timeless ***
  9. I love both! but for first purse, I'll get the black medium flap
  10. Ahhhhh....RED! So difficult to find. Till this day i still hve no luck in finding one. However the one you hve seems a bit too small. Black is easier to track in my opinion.
  11. black M/L more versatile to use and easy to match and more room in bag.
  12. Black.. but it is a tough decision because they are both as stunning.. Its just, in the end, the black is bigger and more practical.
  13. If you are keeping it to use.. Black... on the other hand if you are keeping it to just have and look at... Red! :biggrin:
  14. definetly the black it matches w/any color clothings :smile:
  15. if you can only keep one, black for sure. classic and will go with everything