If you could only keep one of your gucci bags which one would it be?

  1. I love all my gucci's but I think if forced to choose I would keep my horsebit clutch in brown. It is from the Tom Ford era and they don't sell it anymore. It is kind of funny though because it is probably one of the bags I carry the least.
  2. That's a hard one. Toss-up beween the purple snakeskin bardot and the caramel crocodile..........
  3. I only have 2 Gucci bags, but if I could only keep one it would be my Black Guccissima Pelham. I love that bag....
  4. That is a very tough one b/c I love all my bags! But if I have to choose, I think it would be between my gold abbey medium (Hawaii exclusive) and my Positano.
  5. Ugh! Just one? I would have to keep my horsebit clutch too! And ditto that I use it the least. And on top of that DH is not a fan of that bag. He hates the hardware which of course is what I love about it.
  6. Funny. It is my husband's favorite bag of mine b/c of the hardware. Just goes to show you how different every one is.
  7. well i only have two gucci bags.... this is a tough one... but i have always said that my dream bag is the pelham. so i guess i would say that one. but trust that i would be sad for leaving my medium chain behind!!!!
    (thanks mssmelanie, hehehee)
  8. Well right now I only have 3 but I would choose my LE pink leather abbey Hawaii exclusive also
  9. my all leather medium indy w/guccissima corners in black. So funny, my hubby hates this bag too!! He hates the tassels but i :heart: it!!!
  10. Just send the ones you don't want to me, I will take good care of them for you! :graucho:
  11. Shorty - I'm glad you are enjoying your Pelham!

    beejerry - what? LOL:p I wouldn't doubt that you would take good care of my babies but I'm not giving any up...
  12. LOL!

    I should open up an Gucci-adoption agency :lol:
  13. Definitely my Python Chain Hobo, hands down.
  14. Gucci fall 2000 ad campaign gold purse on a chain
  15. oh, i unfortunately had to ask myself this question last year. i only kepted my caramel horsebit bowling bag. i saw it in green in rome and couldn't find it in the us so i got that color. i love it though haven't used it in awhile.