If you could only keep one Maxi, which one?

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  1. camel/dark beige (cabiar) or metallic grey (gris fonce) (lambskin) 29BCDE2A-C331-4D30-8E29-9EB4E80F5829.jpeg 8E77C4DD-64A6-4C64-B1F8-B35CDCAAB7EF.jpeg
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  2. I would keep the dark beige caviar Maxi. The color is less common and the caviar leather won’t show wear as quickly.
  3. Depends on your style and colors you always wear. I wear a lot of black so I’ll choose the metallic grey.
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  4. Camel! It’s a great transitional color. Both of your bags look fabulous.
  5. Camel! I’m having a brown/neutral color moment
  6. Metallic Grey!
  7. Metallic grey is stunning!
  8. Metallic grey!!! It’s on my wishlist
  9. Grey!
  10. Grey!
  11. Metallic grey, but then again I’m not a fan of camel as I prefer cooler tones.
  12. I think for this size bag I would say grey. To me the camel would work better in a medium or small flap.
  13. The dark beige gorgeous