If you could only keep one LV, which would it be?

  1. For me personally, I could not really choose, but if I had to choose...

    it would be....

    my MC Alma White :heart: :wlae: :heart:

    It is modern, structured, chic, and doesn't sag like Speedy's and it has lots of room.

    So what about you ? If you had to choose....
  2. My Mizi Vienna!!!:love:
  3. :Push: I cannot choose! But if I have to.....I'll have to keep my Bronze Tompkins:yes:
  4. Well I would say my speedy graffiti silver

  5. Wow! That was quick! I thought you would take at least a good hour to choose. You have such a fabulous and large LV collection - I'm so jealous! :P
  6. this is painful... but it'll probably to be my Ouvea Carryall.
  7. My Mono Saumur, for sentimental reasons (the first bag my DH bought me about 16 years ago).
  8. hehehehe, i'd have to say Speedy mono 30 - its the only piece of LV i own... at the moment! hehehehe!
  9. Graffiti is such a hot collection. If I had one, I think would want the Keepall to be my * only LV * but for now, I'll just stick to my MC Alma :graucho:
  10. Soeedy 35
  11. My one and only from dh a couple of Christmas's ago, my mini bronze forsythe.
  12. My Blue Mono Mini Josephine PM
  13. Croissant PM...b/c someone very special gave it to me so it is irreplaceable.
  14. Speedy 25 :love:

    I think this is the one bag that I will never sell. It is a classic! I love the shape, and I think it's quite versatile.
  15. :love: :love: Oscar :heart: :heart: