If you could only keep 1 bag and 1 accessory...

  1. out of your collection what would they be? Pochettes count as accessories.

    Mine would be my Fucshia Baggy PM and my Red Epi Pochette!
  2. My manhattan pm bag, and my pomme pochette wallet.
  3. Ughhhh tough choice...!!!

    I would keep my Miroir pochette for sure (you did say it counts as an accessory...this one too right?) and...either my vanilla Jasmin or...Papillon 26.

    Oh shoot I totally forgot about the pomme d'amour cles that my bf got me...:sad:
    I'll stick the vernis cles inside the miroir pochette and keep them both :lol:
  4. OMG I think I would rather die than have to go down to one LV bag & accessory, too painful to contemplate!
  5. i reject this exercise. my bags and accessories find it offensive. lol

    my damier speedy 30 and mygroomwalletgroomclesandredepiagenda

    there. done.
  6. LOL I was expecting you to say Vanilla Jasmin! And Miroir pochette!
  7. Mono Speedy 30 (my trusty steed)
    Glace Multicles (and his sidekick)
  8. if pochettes are accessories, then i dont have any bags.
  9. Dang, this is hard. Only one bag and 1 accessory, huh?

    My Multipli-Cite bag and my zippy organizer wallet --- my first bag and first accessory.
  10. HAH! i love it!
    SOOOOOOOOOO, what you are saying is, 'SOMEONE' is NOT a minimalist.....
  11. oops. i guess mini pleaty IS in the handbag section at lv.com,
    so id kep that and miroir pochette
  12. The BH with my Indigo Lexington inside as an accessory :lol: I so could not do this in reality :lol:
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. I would Keep my Chanel cabas and a LV panda pochette.
  15. Thats so hard! But my good ole speedy and my new pomme zippy wallet...maybe :confused1: