If you could only have...

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  1. one chanel, black or a white, which would you choose and why? TIA!
  2. Black patent is my choice because it's seasonal. All others i.e White Caviar, Black Caviar, Black Lambskin, etc... are more common.
  3. black for sure because it can be used all year round
  4. if I can only have one it would be black, it's good year round where I live.... if I lived say Florida I might think about a white one.
  5. black black black!
  6. black definitely, because its sooo easy to maintain and it goes with everything in my wardrobe :yes:
  7. I love both but would go with black, I have only one one flap and it is white but the other chanels I own are black, I need a black flap too I guess, it depends on the bag.
  8. Black!
  9. BLACK:tup:
  10. Black for sure!
  11. Black. easier to maintain and goes with anything and everything.
  12. I would say black because it's sleek and elegant.
  13. black- easy to take care of and goes with everything
  14. You can find gorgeous black bags in every high-end brand but...
    the white Chanel classic flap(esp with G/H) surpasses in beauty any bag I've seen so far! Now if we're talking about being practical this is another matter but again if I owned only one C bag I wouln't definitely use it as an everyday bag!;)
  15. Black - it's easier to take care of, a year round color and just a little more versatile.