If you could only have one....

  1. This is a tough one so think about it...If you could only have one LV accessory which one would it be and why?????
  2. wallet, I think its a nice compliment to any handbag, and something that will last years
  3. Small agenda, works great as a wallet and as an organizer!
  4. A cles. Doesn't seem practical to many but: 1) I don't like spending a lot of money on something that is used to keep money (and yes, I've had my fair share of wallets crapping out on me, but I've found cheaper and very high-quality wallets from other brands) and 2) I don't like carrying a lot of cash/credit cards all at once; I like to bring what I need when I'm out. Plus it's got a little keychain to carry your keys. I'm always tempted to venture out and get an agenda or a poche toillete, but I know I wouldn't use it as much as I probably should.
  5. It's a split tie between wallet and agenda. I don't have a wallet yet but I plan on getting it. I know I would use it every day for years to come...but I also use my agenda every.single.day.

    so two it is! Agenda and Wallet (one of the longer ones with a zip pocket)
  6. Wallet-for obvious reasons :smile:
  7. it is so tough just to pick one but, wallet and cles are up there for me
  8. I prob say a wallet...but I also LOVE my agenda. I need to write everything down or I WILL forget it almost immediately, it is so nice, if a little impractical to some, to have soemthing pretty to write in. Plus I use it to hold all cards and receipts because I don't like to carry anything but cash and coins in my wallet. Sorry for the long post I am rambling a bit today :smile:
  9. wallet, every practical
  10. The pochette wallet...it's the best wallet IMO, far better than the PTI!
  11. a cles?
  12. Definitely a wallet because it compliments any handbag you wear! :smile:
  13. wallet seems like an essential...love LV accessories
  14. Agree, same here.
  15. that is a great idea small agenda for a wallet...does it work for bills and coins though???