If you could only have one would you choose the MAB or the Matinee??

  1. I recently got the MAB in Sage as as some of you might know I think the bag is beautiful but am afraid its too big for me. Now I have seen all the posts on the Matinee and that bag looks awesome. My question is if you could only afford to get one would you keep the MAB or sell it to get a Matinee?? Thanks for all your help. :tup:

  2. I just got the eggplant matinee and its a pretty big bag too...maybe a smooshier leather would feel smaller. How about trying the mini ma?
  3. My mantra is if I don't love it, sell it. No point in keeping it as chances are it'll just be sitting there in the closet when it would be much more loved in someone else's home. If you think you like the Matinee, go for it! :flowers:
  4. I would try the mini--to me, the matinee and the MAB seem similar in size. The matinee is large, and the mini is definitely smaller than the matinee.
  5. I recently got the matinee and I love it, to me it just looks better. Just make sure you don`t get the stiffer leather, to me its more sturctured and doesn`t hang as nice.:tup:
  6. How do you know if you are getting one with stiffer leather??
  7. I was looking at my friend's matinee. I personally like the stiffer leather that she has on hers because it feels like it is more durable. The softer leather seems to droop nicely but it feels so delicate!
  8. I just got the eggplant and it feels pretty stiff. I love LOVE the color but am wondering if its too stiff for me to find comfy
  9. I think they will soften up a bit with time but as the leather is thicker it will always have a different feel to it. The eggplant color is to die for!! lets see some pictures =D
  10. Morning After! More classic shape, easier to fit lots of stuff in.
  11. Mab.
  12. MAB would still be my first choice out of the two.
  13. The MAM/MAB style would be my first choice. Its timeless, classy, sophisticated and can carry you through a multitude of situations/events (School, work, casual, dressy) in ways that the Matinee cannot.
  14. I feel like there are some matinees that can be more dressy like the midnight/pewter color combination. I guess it depends on the color you get.
  15. Good point. My MAB is definitely more suitable for work. A matinee could work for a night on the town, but there is something very business-line about the MAB.