If you could only have one, would you buy the regular or metallic black reissue?


If you could only have one, would you buy the regular or metallic black reissure?

  1. Keep your regular black reissue and forget the metallic black!

  2. Go for metallic black all the way and get rid of the regular black reissue!

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  1. I already have a 226 black reissue but I'm very tempted to get the 226 in the metallic black. I don't think I can justify them both though. What do you recommend if you were in my shoes?
  2. i love both of them but i have the black reissue 2005 anniv edition and havent been able to get myself to get the black metallic as well...

    one black and one dark silver is a good combination for me i think =)
  3. ummm... this is a hard question. how about getting the metallic black in a larger ize like 227?

    that way you have have both :graucho::graucho:
  4. keep the black reissue:tup:

  5. That is so funny, because I got the Paris / Monte Carlo black Reissue with the pearl necklace and was thinking about getting the 05 black anniv. after I learned there was one (I just got the grey 05 anniv) but then I realized that I really can't justify two blacks that are so similar....

    So to answer the OP question...I would say keep the black reissue and forget the metallic...while it is beautiful, the true black is timeless....

    Good luck deciding.:smile:
  6. I'd keep the black, and forget about the metallic. IMHO, the black one is more classic.... Good luck on deciding...
  7. If I already had the black reissue, I would keep that and not get the metallic. The black reissue is so classic.
  8. do you have the original black reissue that comes with the gold chain? if you have that, i think its good to stick with it.. its a timeless classic... or if you want to variety , buy the silver reissue .. :tup:
  9. ^ I have the regular black reissue with the silver chain. Thanks for all your comments!
  10. Regular black gets my vote.

    I think both are timeless, but at least for me, I'd get more use out of the regular one because it seems more versatile. The metallic seems as though it would be more of a special occassion type bag. With that said, I have to admit, if I like a bag, I don't let the "rules" of when it should be carried stop me. I bought it and for that kind of money, I'll use it where ever and whenever I damn well please!
  11. ^True!

    I think I will go ahead and just keep my reissue. Less headache that way later. =)
  12. I am as 'classic' as they come in handbag terms and rarely depart from the conservative styles/colours for long . . .and when I do it tends to be an expensive mistake, BUT the metallic black is so striking and in my view, a perfect compromise between originality and classic style. I have the metallic black reissue and it is such a unique bag amongst my many very classic styles. There is no way I would forgo it for a plain black one - it works for both day and night occasions, it draws attention but doesn't 'shout' and it is extremely beautiful. Metallic black all the way for me - and I am the queen of 'just another classic black bag'!
  13. Great idea. The classic black and the metallic dark silver are a great combo, that aren't too similar in color.
  14. ditto!:yes:
  15. Now go for the metallic one and get a black classic flap in the future .:smile: