If you could only have one wallet.

  1. Which wallet would you pick?
  2. I really love my Tresor wallet. It's not too big, and very functional!

    I've just ordered the zippy wallets in Amarante and Pomme AND the pochette wallets in the same color. Wanted to which style I'd like better.
  3. Can't wait to see which one you like best.
  4. I love my PTI but again, I don't have/carry many CC and I need a coin pocket (and I like that it's a large one so I don't need to look around for the coins). I have the cles for the extra cards (library, Cosco, etc)
    The only thing it's that I can not fit it in my pouchettes so I have a 2nd one for the small bags.
    I think that the PTI comes now with 8 (or 10 :confused1:) CC slots ?? So if you are looking for a new wallet give this one a try
  5. Eugenie...without a doubt! I love mine!
  6. The vernis koala in any colour:yes:
  7. My Groom Zippy :nuts: I :heart: the blue color!
  8. I love my Epi Zippy in Rouge! It's great wallet.
  9. DENIM Zippy Wallet.......LVOE IT!!!:heart::yahoo:
  10. A Vernis Porte Tresor PTI wallet...i love those.
  11. mono or mc zippy!! Soon to be a reality!!
  12. I'd love an MC zippy in black or white! Actually I'd just love an LV wallet! So far I only have bags/non-wallet accessories.
  13. Damier or Taiga florin...
  14. Eugenie!!! any style
  15. I love my mono wallet with coin pocket. It only has 3 credit card slots, a coin pocket, another insert under the cc, and 2 billfold slots but it gets me through the day!