If you could only have one tokidoki print...

  1. what would it be and why? :p i know for some of you girls even thinking about it is scary! haha

    i'd probably go with inferno, its too cute xD
  2. Foresta...

    Well maybe lamore or pirata.

    I can't choose! AAH
  3. Spiaggia. I had seen some of the other prints before, but the beach/water print got me interested, and it seems to be the most colorful of all the prints.
  4. foresta is cute xD i really like that apple with the crossbones for its eye... iono i think its weird looking... but cute
  5. For me it would have to be ...oh god I have to choose one? I would say it's between Tan PG, Foresta & Pirata so far...no no I love Citta Rosa...ugh ok too hard.
  6. INFERNO. The more Adios, the better. :drinks:
  7. Probably Inferno. Or Vacanze when that's out. For the penguins.
  8. PARADISO!!!!!!!!! :smile: well, we'll see once vacanze is out :smile: but paradiso is my all time favorite!
  9. citta rosa! i saw my perfect bag on evilBay but it was twice the retail price :sad:
  10. Foresta~ It is my true toki love :p
  11. inferno.. :[
  12. For me, there's definitely NO WAY I could choose only one print... Sorry!! *lol* I would have to say Spiaggia and Foresta. Spiaggia for my black, pinks, and non-natural colored clothing and Foresta for my greens, browns, and natural colored clothing.

    At the same time, though, I don't love ALL of Spiaggia and Foresta. So it'd have to be the placement I like and not just a random placement.
  13. Inferno for me probably, it goes with everything! But Original Print, Paradiso and L'Amore are my favorite too!
  14. I'd pick Foresta, with Playground a really close second.
  15. Foresta. Hands down. It's fits my personality.