If You Could Only Have One Color & Size

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  1. I don't know if I will ever to able to afford a Birkin but it is definitely my dream bag. If I ever have the funds, it would be the only one so what would you suggest as the one color and size that would be the most versatile? I don't wear pastels and would like something that would go with basics-- blacks, browns, navys.

    I'm 5'4, 120 lbs and like my bags on the average to med-large size. I lurk on the forum a lot and do a whole lot of drooling. One day I hope to drool on an actual bag...
  2. Black 35 palladium
    ebane 35 palladium

    I would go for box if you like stiff
    tourillon clemence and swift if you like slouchy
    or Fjord if you want it half and half..
  3. I would go with a black 35 cm Birkin in Togo or Fjord for a first purchase. It's weather tolerant as compared to Box leather which scratches and not good in bad weather. I have box leather Birkins but don't wear them often due to tons of rain. You can treat and supposedly water proof them but it's to involved for me. I'd rather wear them on sunny days.
  4. 35 gold -- goes with all the colors you mentioned
  5. I use my gold much frequently than the black. I feel the gold is both a winter and summer color. Black is rather dark for the summer months. Togo and Fjord are excellent and durable leathers. Before you purchase, try to try a 30cm and a 35cm to see which size is better fitted for your lifestyle. You might also look into etoupe which is another neutral color for all seasons. Good luck.
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    You might be surprised on the sizes for a birkin as a 30 holds quite a lot - there are some threads if you search for what fits inside which might help -- a 35 can get a bit heavy! That said -- I found that although I love bright colors in general, I prefer the darker shades in hermes bags but NOT black for some reason! The colors are just so great....etoupe is a GREAT color; I have indigo and it's perfect - blends in,not too bright, and although it's dark I've been carrying it since it arrived in July and just love it! I also have raisin which is a fun but still dark bag (I'm worried about handles showing dirt in the lighter colors myself)...and graphite is another fav color -- good luck in your research!!

    For leathers, togo and clemence are wonderful; mine is evergrain which is working out very well; I would avoid box for the rain issue;
  7. Togo Chocolat with Palladium HDW.

    Size 35 cm if you like a tote.
    30 cm if you like a handbag....

    Etoupe is also a very good neutral that gose with everything , all year !

    Chartreuse is a fabulous color. Not bright, but colorfull and NEUTRAL . Love it !
  8. I would go for a 35cm etoupe phw in togo. It goes with everything and you can take it out in the day or night. Second choice would be gold 35cm ghw.
  9. I would go for a black 35 togo birkin. It goes with everything.
  10. ITA with Perlerare and would suggest, depneding on your coloring, you also look at gold.

    30 for a handbag
    35 for a tote

    I believe the 30 to be much more useful as it can go day-to-night for casual evenings too. Good luck.
  11. Etoupe Togo Birkin 35 cm with Palladium HW. It's a four season color and goes with absolutely everything.

    The exception to this would be if you have a "warm" complexion with blonde or red hair, then I would say Gold Togo Birkin 35 with Gold Hardware. It's also a four season color and suits those complexions beautifully.
  12. I would suggest a gold togo or clemence 35 birkin w/ ghw! A classic that goes with almost everything! :tup:
  13. A 35 birkin bag~~ black, etoupe or brown..
    good luck!!
  14. Black 35cm Gold HW in Togo.

    Goes with everything, can look smart, stylish, chic, posh, yet edgy. Low maintenance.
    Lighter colours like Etoupe or Gold can get dirt on visibly or Jeans may bleed on them? But Black can go everywhere and will be fab for a first Birkin.

    If you are petite, consider a 30cm because that size is prettier with dresses on smaller-framed ladies.
  15. My first bag was 35 black togo with PHW......so practical

    Just waiting to hear on my next one!!