If you could only have one Birkin....

  1. Okay, so say you're me, and you have a couple of brown LV bags, a black and a white Herbag, and a red Coach bag. Say you could have one Birkin. Just one. What colour would you go for-- Rouge or Blue Jean? or would you go for a neutral like gold or black?

    I ask this because, of course, I'm dreaming. There's a possibility that when my family is done fighting over the inheritance and the trust from my grandparents and it finally gets dispersed, my mom is going to let me get one thing that I really want. If she finds out it's an $8,000 handbag, she'll probably say no, but it's okay to dream, right? This is all one big dream because this thing could get dragged out forever and it'll probably never happen even once it's all dispersed. But you ladies know me, and I love to dream!

    I love Blue Jean. Always have. But I don't know if I could carry it year-round, or what I'd wear it with; I wear black a lot, and a lot of dark colours, but I already have a black Herbag, so I keep thinking when I finally do get my Birkin, for that cost it should be a bag that really POPS, kwim? And rouge pops! And I could wear it year-round. And it's so gorgeous :girlsigh: Whatever I get will definitely be PHW, as I'm not a gold fan. I know it'll probably be a 30 because I love the size of my Herbag and feel a 35 is too big to carry day to evening. I keep on thinking I should be practical and just get black, but I don't know!

    I know this thread is similar to "if you could only have one h bag" but I'm not saying that, just-- if you could only have one Birkin, what size, color and hardware and leather would it be?

  2. Blu jeans togo with white stitching. I have quite a few birkins and usually enamoured of the latest addition...but without fail, I go for my bj because it never fails to lift my spirits - it's bright yet neutral yet casual.. I don't usually matchy matchy my wardrobe with my bag but BJ really goes with most outfits and the color POPS but is never loud
  3. i'd take etoupe, black or gold,in this order...
    if you have yet brown LV maybe you shouldn't take gold, too many brown bags.
    i love etoupe and i think it goes with many other colours, and it is a winter and summer colour.
    if you don't like etoupe... go for black. you can't go wrong with black.
    i love red and blue jean, but not for just one only birkin. i 'd take red for the second choise.
  4. I vote for Rouge H. (but I am biased) Here is a pic of Rouge H, w/ Rouge Garrance (wallet) and Vermillion (trim). Regardless of your choice, you will love your birkin - I carry mine nearly every day!

  5. S ~ For You...Blue Jean:love:, No Doubt!!!!!!

    Though Look At Harley's Gorgeous Pictures. I Have A RougeH & A Rouge Garrance (I Can't Live Without A Red Bag) Kelly....Oh! I Live For Vermillion.

    & S ~ It's So Fun Too Dream!!!!!! Don't You & I Have The Best Time With It!!!!!!:yes::heart: ~ This Is One Dream, I Think Will Eventually Come True;)

    ETA: I Didn't This Right. I Think My Two Birkins Are Going To Have To Last A While:sad:...You Never Know.......My First 35 Black Togo Birkin w/ghw ~ Would Be It. I Wear It So Much!!!!!!:yes:
  6. my raisin birkin.....its an amazing neutral....and really beautiful but also has a nice color to it...and I can enhance the color with purple shoes or accessories, etc but I can also tone it down to make it more of a neutral
  7. Blue Jean for you, definitely. It fits your personality best in my opinion.
  8. I thought I would say a camel color but give potential 'corner' issues, (which I have some Qs about, perhaps in another thread), now I am thinking that if I could only have ONE Birkin, it would be a black togo or clemence Birkin with palladium HW.

    For you, I'd second CynthiaNYC's vote for the Blue Jean over the Rouge. I think it's more neutral and year-round than folks think. Also, just think of all the cool scarves you could get to go with it!!! :graucho:
  9. But I am in no way suggesting that Rouge of any variety is not amazing, by the way! It's just that you're young, bubbly, wear a lot of black as you said, and I think Blue Jean just fits you better.

    My first bag was Rouge H Box, which tells you a bit about me maybe. :p
  10. ^^Rouge H box? You are no doubt a knockout then! :tup:

    Thank you for all your insights, ladies! :flowers:
  11. I would say either blue jean, rouge garance or black!
  12. Blue Jean. Blue Jean. Blue Jean.

    It's a year round bag.....take a look at Fesdu's lovely Blue Jean Kelly. Stunning!!!!
  13. LOL, not at all, I'm a short little fatty, actually.
  14. etoupe. i love it
  15. I would get black with gold hardware for an ONLY Birkin in a durable leather like Clemence or Togo or even VL.