If you could only have one birkin which color....

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  1. Okay I know this is going to be really hard for all you hemes lovers becasue YOU ALL have beautiful collection but I have a tough question....Let's say that hermes god forbid but a limit to state that you could only have one birkin! What color would you get?

    Okay, now I know you are all really smart and would figure out many ways to get your hands another birkin but YOU CAN'T then the question is not as fun!!
  2. Definitely FUCHSIA in exotic!
  3. Rouge garanche
  4. 30cm rouge VIF porosus glazed croc birkin with palladium; then i'd get plastic surgery and change identities in order to get the matching blue croc one!
  5. Marron Fonce Chevre with palladium
  6. Nice choice Greentea!
  7. Soooo, KellyB., what is your choice?
  8. Beige-Rose Croc.
  9. Vert olive in box leather with gold h/w. Did vert olive even come in box leather? :smile: Fun question!
  10. I'd be tempted by any birkin; but you have limited me to one, and since in reality I would be unlikely to ever afford more than one I would take a black croc (don't ask me about hardware. I'd have to get you gals to choose for me.) Nice, shiny black croc: timeless and ageless, and probably less high maintenance than other colours.
  11. Rouge H!!! Togo or Chevre with PH for me!
  12. If money was no object- today I feel I would have to have Braise Croc!

    But in the land of reality, I would probably get a either Blue Jean or Gold Togo! (yeah I know, i can't just pick one!)

    *KB I hear you laughing right now!
  13. Something Bright:

    Like Jag---Braise Croc or Rouge Vif/Rouge Garance in Chevre/Clemence
  14. 35cm Chocolate Porosus/Gold hardware
  15. Violet Chevre Mysore w/ Palladium Hardware