If you could only have one bag...

  1. Imagine the worst possible scenario....you are being forced to limit your collection of handbags to just ONE!!! :weird: :sad2: Which bag would you choose and why?! I am trying to build up my small starter's collection of bags and am looking for some direction on which bags I should really seriously invest in. Thanks everyone in advance:biggrin:
  2. Do you like LV? If so, I say, speedy. It's light weight, holds a ton, and there's a bag for smaller ladies (25) and girls who like/need a bigger bag (30 which I own). Consider that, but it will get you hooked to LV! :nuts:
  3. Oh, and to answer you question, out of my humble LV collection, I'd keep my speedy 30.
  4. Im afraid I would have to keep my speedy 30 even though is one of the least expensive of all of my bags. Its so comfy, roomy and classic. I love it!
  5. I am in the process of posting my collection but the pictures are too big and I cant figure out how to resize them but so far I own: 3 Coaches, 1 Black Prada, 1 Burberry, 1 Kate Spade and 2 Cole Haan's purses. I have not ventured into LV or Gucci yet but I am definitely exploring my options and getting ready to invest. I am a little weary of bags that have been mass-replicated though I find the appeal is gone after Ive seen 500 fake ones/day, you know what I mean? I have a Whiskey Paddington on the way next week:smile: Cant wait:love:
  6. Out of my own collection, my Popincourt Haut.. but if it was any bag out there.. you can't really expect anyone to pick only one right !? ;)
  7. Hey Tasha, you should search for two similiar threads which were very recent. You'll find some good answers!