If You Could Only Have ONE Bag Which One Would It Be???

  1. If money weren't an issue and you could ONLY have one bag which one would it be?

    I'm thinking mine would be a black (slouchy leather...clemence maybe?) Hermes Birkin 35cm, gold hardware. I would miss my other bags but I think this bag would fare well since I would be using it everyday.
  2. If I could get only one I would get Suhali lockit gm from Louis Vuitton. Or a red hermés.
  3. an hermes box kelly perhaps in black, navy ble or raisin
  4. BV ballbag in chocolate
  5. i would say a balenciaga bag city
  6. What a dreadful thought:blink: Probably a black patent Chanel bag in a reasonable size, that I could carry with a dress or suit or jeans...wow that would be tough(and depressing)
  7. A Hermes box Kelly in black with gold h/w

  8. I think it would have to be the Hermes in Rose's Avator :love:

    What is it called exactly -it look like the perfect bag IMO
  9. It's a 32 cm black retourne togo Kelly with gold h/w. It's a great bag, can be dressed up or down... playtime with Kelly.......
    hermes2.jpg k1.jpg k2.jpg
  10. audrey hepburn's black croc kelly
    wouldn't that be lovely
  11. This no doubt is one very hard question for us bag lovers! Often times, I've thought if there was a fire, and i could only gather maybe 5 bags, which ones would it be? Or what even in my home and clothing would I grab for? I was at a total loss by this thought! :nuts:

    Mine would have to be a very nice tan leather no-brand design of an Hermes Birkin too! Leather lining, wonderful quality, made in Italy. Gorgeous tan-camel color, goes with all.

    Good post Haute to Trot--very good post. Maybe we all should keep a list of what things we'd grab in a fire.????? I notice it's really the high quality purses, shoes or garmets we'd grab.....all the more reason for only buying only high quality stuff. :yes: (I'm learning here folks--bear with me--it wouldn't be my fakes I'd grab in a fire--LOL)
    Great Day~:flowers:
  12. I Love this style bag! It's my fav! I'm searching for one in a croc pattern.:yahoo:
  13. Rose - I think we must have the same tastes. I want one so much.:yes:
  14. :yes: :drool:
  15. OMG! Can't do it, that's like saying pick one child...lol