If you could only have one bag for the rest of your life what would it be?

  1. Ok ladies say you could only have one bag in your closet for the rest of your life that you would use everyday for everything from going to the supermarket to going to a fancy dinner, which bag would you choose? I would pick a birkin in black !
  2. a Hermes Birkin bag:tender:
  3. Chanel classic flap
  4. Chanel Cerf Tote :love:
  5. Louis Vuitton Epi Keepall.

  6. Same here:yahoo:
  7. Ditto.
  8. Balenciaga City bag in Black
  9. I'd also pick a black Birkin I guess (not that I own one now!). It'd be very weird to just have one bag though, and I dont think that even a black Birkin would be appropriate at all times, but it is as close as you get.
  10. Life with one bag?!!!!!!! I can't even begin to imagine. :wtf: I don't even know how to pick.
  11. Only 1 bag????!!! :wtf: I'd have to appeal...or be able to magically morph myself into other people, that way I could have a new bag everyday!
  12. Having only one bag for the rest of my life isn't really computing with me right now, but I will try...:wtf:

    I would say a fuschia ostrich birkin. And I would just MAKE all pieces of my wardrobe go with the bag somehow. Even though a black birkin would be more practical, I love color too much.
  13. Wow...hard decision. I'd have to say my black guccissima pelham.
  14. As of right now, an LV Speedy. I would LOVE to say a Chanel flap or some sort of Balenciaga, but those are a bit more delicate and if it's the only bag i'm going to use....it needs to be tough just in case rain and snow get on it. :yes:
  15. Chanel classic caviar flap bag in red (medium)