If you could only have ONE (1) bbag, what would it be?

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  1. Mine:
    Color--04 Lilac
  2. o4 Lilac Weekender
  3. my red 03 city....but one in PERFECT condition.
  4. color: ink
    style: weekender
  5. Me too.:love::love:
  6. color: ink or black
    style: day
  7. 04 red weekender.
  8. color: seafoam
    style:city,first, or twiggy ;)
  9. My black City.
  10. The one I have... Ink First! Got my dream bag on my first try!!

    Doesn't mean I don't want more anyways... :nuts:
  11. Grey 06 city :smile:
  12. black City
  13. ^^^ ME too...the Black City!
  14. <---- black city
  15. hmmm... i was considering fbf classique, but i think i'll go with an eggplant '04 weekender :P