If you could only have 4 bags - which ones would you choose?

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  1. If you could only have 4 bags - which ones would you choose?

    I would get:

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in monogram
    Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM in fuchsia Epi leather
    Dior Diorissimo Pouch in red/beige monogram
    Gucci Jackie O flora bag with bamboo details

    There are a couple more bags that I like but I think they are too expensive for me, I couldn't justify buying them, hence the list above.
  2. Of the bags I own:
    Lumi Supermarket bag XL
    Mulberry Antony
    Guess Silver Shrine clutch
    Mulberry Flight clipper-style shoulder bag

    In my dreams:
    Chanel GST navy caviar&SHW
    Coach Bleecker tote in Aegean
    Balenciaga flat clutch
    Mulberry Oversized Bayswater
  3. From my collection
    - Louis Vuitton Empreinte Speedy 25 in Infini
    - Louis Vuitton Epi Alma PM in Carmine
    - Prada BN1786 in Fuoco
    - Oroton Entourage E/W Tote in Lightning Pink

    in my dreams I'd love a Diorissimo Medium but it's 5K and I wouldn't spend that much on a single bag. I finally reached my bag ceiling this year lol
  4. LV Speedy (I have had one for years and years)
    and in my dreams:
    Hermès Victoria
    Hermès Lindy
    Dior Milly La Forêt.....
  5. I have 4 bags on my wish list alone!
  6. LV speedy 30 in mono - the most versatile travel bag ever.
    Chanel classic flap jumbo
    Chanel reissue
    Chane GST
  7. Hmm...
    Balenciaga GSH 21 City
    Balenciaga GSH 21 Work
    Chanel 227 Reissue
    Chanel Jumbo
  8. From my "haves":
    * Hermès Garden Party - Cassis
    * Hermès Picotin - Orange
    * Chanel Double Sided Flap - Brown
    * Chanel Vintage Kelly - White

    From my "have nots":
    * Hermès Kelly Lizard - Black
    * Chanel Lamb Mini - Red GHW

    I would keep my Garden Party and Vintage Kelly to make the 4 bags list. :smile:
  9. Oooh~

    I would say~

    Hermes Garden Party
    Chanel Reissue
    Vintage LV Speedy 25 or 30 (old, from the 60s or 70s, not sure I will ever find one!)
    Hermes Kelly
  10. 1. LV Speedy B 30 Mono
    2. Chanel Large classic flap (black w/GHW)
    3. Chanel jumbo classic flap (white w/SHW)
    4. Chanel Vintage tote (Beige w/GHW)

  11. There is a similar thread but one is only limited to three bags.
    In September 2013, I wrote these:

    1. BV Nero Cabat. (This hasn't changed)
    2. BV large Veneta in a good blue. (I'd now want a good neutral like tan)
    3. BV knot or iron Bag in purple. (I'm torn, I might like red)

    Since I get to add a fourth,
    4: BV cervo hobo in blue
  12. I would choose:

    1. Céline Micro smooth leather in black
    2. Louis Vuitton Trevi PM
    3. Céline Trapeze in black
    4. Marc Jacobs Little Stam in icy black
  13. Hermes Birkin 35 gold
    Hermes Birkin 35 mykonos blue

    Kelly 32 etain
    kelly 35 rouge H
  14. This is a really hard question! I mean, only 4 bags?!

    1. Goyard St. Louis
    2. Balenciaga City
    3. Chanel Classic flap bag
    4. hmm...Celine luggate tote
  15. assuming i have to pick ones that I may be able to afford one day (ie: no hermes for me)

    1) Chanel Double Flap 10" 2.55 Caviar Leat (slvr chain) (or maybe boybag)
    2) mcqueen skull bag (the newer one) (gray w gold skull)
    3) balenciaga papyrus, rggh, city
    4) an edgy bag, in a bright fun color

    and since a clutch isn't a bag: :graucho:
    1) mcqueen digital snakeprint demanta clutch