If you could only have 1 LV bag, which would you keep?

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  1. As I look through my bag collection I wonder... if I could only keep one, who would be the winner? Many may not want to fathom such a thought, but this is a fun way to really find out our true favorite of them all. You may surprise yourself when you come to your own conclusion. Tell us why you chose "The One".

    For me the idea hurts my heart BUT if there could only be one, surprisingly I choose my new MC Alma. Beautiful, classic with new perks including pretty little protective feet and a clochette.
  2. IDK....although this is a hard question to answer i would keep my musettesss! love this bag very convenient/ all purpose type bag..
    i think theres a thread on this already but IDK... :smile:
  3. This is a tough one...I think it would have to be my Mono Irene
  4. I am sure someone has asked already, I am new here and love to see what everyone has to say. There are so many threads and I am more than sure a few are very similar to one another, it is just out of fun anyway ;)
  5. My Mono Irene!!
  6. My Trevi!! Such a beautiful and functional bag!
  7. Each time I rotate a bag it becomes my favorite. I honestly can't answer that!
  8. no worries, i wasnt for sure if there is one like this but i know sometimes the mods close double threads...:smile:

  9. 1 bag 1 bag 1 bag 1 bag I do not think that is possible. Ok I wont choose the most expensive or an SO Ill say Bloomsbury. It is great for traveling and still looking stylish, its light, its carefree damier but it is not dressy at all--who uses only 1 bag?????????
  10. I can only have one LV handbag!!?? Where is that idea came from?? (lol)

    Totally agree with goodtaste .... and please DON'T make me cus it is such a torture. :shucks:
  11. OH my... only one?? Its a toss up between my new epi electric brea GM and my red epi speedy... The brea for work and because its fabulous... and the speedy for weekends and for when I want a pop of colour with black suits at work.

    I really can't choose between them...
  12. Pdv
  13. I will have to pick two - Mono Irene & Trevi gm
  14. Damier Ebene Speedy 30.
  15. My nior Mahina L