If you could only have 1 bag!!

  1. I see the threads all the time.. you can only have 3 bags.. you can only have 5 LV bags :lol: (That's more than I OWN, zero.. LOL)

    What if you could only have 1 bag!!

    I would definately want this one...

  2. I have always like that one!
  3. Who's is that?

    I'd choose an obscenely expensive and rare Chanel.
    Don't ask me which one cause I don't know. But if I could pick any bag in the world, it's where I'd start. Even over a Hermes I think.
  4. I like that Dior bag a lot! But if I could only have one, I'd probably pick a Chanel or a Hermes... but based on my current inventory, I think I'd have to save the Balenciaga city.
  5. The Moschino melted chocolate bag (which I know you love)

    Its a work of art :love:
  6. Apple Green Balenciaga City. No question.

    Of course, I'd have to get it first. :shame:
  7. my paddy!! Is all I need.
  8. Birkin
  9. ^^^agree birkin.

    I want the 35cm black with cyclamen piping/lining in chevre...and hell since this is hypothetical I want custom diamond accents as well! :nuts:
  10. I've gotta go with the Birkin too, I think it's the bag that all us bag lovers dream of.
  11. ^^^so true :lol:
  12. Chanel or Birkin.
  13. Gosh- I don't think I could ever pick 1!! I am so fickle I change my mind daily:nuts: I guess if I had to then I would go with chanel.
  14. MC speedy 30. No doubt. hehe I'm saving for now actually, but I doubt it will happen. I always ave for it than blow it on some other LV.
  15. Same here! ONLY ONE????:sad: ...then.... Chanel or Hermes, buy why only one...:cry: