If you could only get one, would it be red or gold?

  1. I am struggling between a 32 rigid chevre gold Kelly, or a 32 rigid chevre rouge vif kelly, both palladium to add to my collection. Please help... My current collection includes:

    35 black box kelly
    35 parchemin togo kelly
    35 blue jean togo kelly
    32 yellow clemence kelly
    rouge H shoulder birkin
    35 black box birkin
    30 parchmin togo, GHW birkin
    orange kelly clutch

    Both gold and rouge vif are to die for colours, but i can only afford one. I am in love with the rouge vif as it is a classic and the colour is just stunning, given I already have a red bag, should i go for the gold instead...
  2. No help. I have a red and a gold birkin...Use the gold tons more. I would vote for gold.
  3. I would go for the Rouge VIF in Chevre w/PH b/c it is SO rare to find and is just one of my favorite reds.
  4. Red was my first Birkin bag color and no regrets - it fits into my wardrobe better than gold. I think Rouge Vif is a fab color too... it's quite different than Rouge H.
  5. Rouge VIF!!! :nuts:
  6. While both colors are beautiful, there's just something about any shade of Hermes red. ;)
  7. I love the kelly in GOLD :love:
  8. For my personal taste, gold but because I would use it more. What color makes you smile? That's the one to get.
  9. Rouge VIF sounds like a lovely piece to add to your MAJOR collection!
  10. I prefer Rouge Vif over Gold...
    But since you already have a Rouge (H Birkin)...Then I would go for Gold.
  11. Gold, yes. Since you already have the Rouge H.....
  12. R Vif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. gold ...

    nice add to your collection ..
  14. A vote for Gold!! I would love a Kelly in the chevre.
  15. Gold