if you could only get 1, which would you get? r/o


med. blk ultimate soft or blk caviar baby coco cabas?

  1. ultimate soft

  2. coco cabas

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  1. the med. blk ultimate soft or the blk caviar baby coco cabas?
  2. ultimate soft~~coco cabas is cute, but i love the ultimate soft over coco cabas.
  3. coco cabas, but in original not baby :p
  4. Not a fan of cabas (for me). I would get the ultimate soft.
  5. Love the baby cabas- so I voted for that!
  6. I like both but since I have a baby cabas I vote for that, it's such a great bag
  7. Voted coco cabas...and tied the polls! LOL...
  8. ultimate soft !
  9. i absolutely love the med ultimate soft in black. i have one.
  10. i picked coco cabas.... ultimate soft is pretty, but seems very delicate...
  11. I'd go for the Ultimate Soft :yes:
  12. you girls are not helping!!! the poll is tied!
  13. I was debating between the large Ultimate Soft and the Baby Cabas and I decided to get the large U.S....absolutely no regrets so far. In fact I'm taking my name off the waiting list for the Baby Cabas as IMO it's a bit trendy. Rarely will you see someone out there sporting a US. The US is a higher-maintenance bag though but I am super super anal with all my bags (never sit it on the floor...it gets its own chair; I always keep it stuffed and wrap the chains in tissue paper when the bag is not in use, etc.).
  14. thanks, that sorta helps...i initially wanted to buy both, but now that i have an US coming my way, i don't know if i want to spend the money on a baby coco cabas, especially i wouldn't get the chance to see it or try it in person. taking quite a big risk.
  15. uh oh, I evenly out the score...luv ultimate soft!

    by the way, how much for ultimate soft? I've forgotten...