If you could only choose one...

  1. Thanks so much for all the help you guys have given me in choosing between a mono and damier speedy...I feel like my questions/posts are so juvenile compared to all those posting about their nimbus and suhali purchases. :p

    But if you could only have one speedy and you had to choose between the Damier and Mono speedy 30's - which would you choose?

    I'm in a dilemma because the Damier is clearly more practical, and will look good as new 10 yrs from now. The Mono, on the other hand, is a classic and will always have a special place in my heart...by 10 years from now, I could have yucky hand marks on the vachetta, and having to be careful (rainy weather, lotion-y hands, etc.) may take out the fun in having it, if I'm worrying about it all the time.

    Bottom line is, I'd like to think I will eventually have both (I'm only 22 now!), but in the end, I might only have one - so which would you choose if you were in the same situation?:confused1:

  2. was in this same situation and i chose with the damier only for my personal use. reason is because of how careless and clutsy i am....if you are not as clutsy and prone to mess as i am, then i would go for the mono. go with whatever suits ur lifestyle, u can't go wrong.
  3. I would probably choose the mono speedy. The vachetta gets easier to take care of as it starts to patina. Also, you can actually have the vachetta replaced over time.
    My aunt has a speedy that is over 30 years old now. I remember her having that bag when I was a child; she just had the vachetta replaced recently and it looks smoking! :smile:
  4. i'd go with damier, i think it has more longevity due to no vachetta.
  5. oh, and as an added twist...I just got a condo that's connected underground to the subway, and the bulk of my clients can also be reached underground - in effect I can avoid most yucky weather at least for the next 18months (:choochoo:).................so hypothetically if i were to get more than one, i feel like getting the mono now would mean the ability to use it daily, without having too much weather worries (but then up goes the concern of the mono being less subtle and being known to my colleagues and clients as "the auditor that carries on lv bag"...which makes me worry if there's a sit'n where i mess up, whether they'll almost be given a reason to "write me off" as someone who cares more about designer purses than her job)

  6. Everyone's question is important.

    This is your bag and it has to suit your lifestyle. I think you have to ask yourself a couple of questions....
    Do you want a bag that can go in the rain and sun?
    Do you want a bag that says "Louis Vuitton"?
    Which print do you like better?
    Both bags will last forever and are the classic speedy shape. Both prints are beautiful.
    Some people think that the Damier is a manly print. I love the Damier print and that's what I got my first speedy 30 in. And I love that I don't have to worry about the handles or taking it out in the rain.
    I know that doesn't really answer your question, but I hope it helps.
  7. kitsunegrl, do you happen to know how much it costed to have the handles replaced? And after 30 years did they look fairly icky?

    i was taking a look at the celeb pics, and it seems that hilary duff's mono speedy has a nice patina after 2 yrs - which is fine, but i don't want to look ridiculous (i.e. black handles :wtf:) after 10 yrs - or am i asking too much from a purse that I hope to use on a fairly regular basis?
  8. thanks queenmab...i'd have to say (and answered in the order of importance to me - right now...i think 10 yrs from now i wouldn't care if my bag was easily recognizable)

    1. Do you want a bag that says "Louis Vuitton"?
    Now - not really, going back to the client/colleague msg up above. But 5 or 10 years from now, I'd say "sure!"

    2. Do you want a bag that can go in the rain and sun?
    Yes - I don't want to cry if it begins to rain and I have to madly try and cover my purse. As much as I love LV and I'm a purse addict - I would probs find it a lil odd if when it rained the first thing a person did is tried to protect their purse (although I totally would do it too!!!)

    3. Which print do you like better?
    The mono - it makes my :heart: skip a beat.
  9. This says it all to me! Have you gone to a boutique to look at both?
  10. hehe, yes....multiple times. Enough times that 3 of the SA's recognize me, even though I haven't purchased anything yet.:love:

    I've probably gone to the different stores a total of 6 times. At first it was clear I loved the mono. Then the practical side of me said "look at some damier pics on tpf and see if it'll grow on you" and it did...3 of the SA's have said they prefer the damier noting it could go well with business and casual, and one saying they thought the damier suited me better (altho, how could the mono not suit someone??)
  11. damier gets my vote. I love mine.
  12. If you're going to get both at one point, I'd go with the mono first
  13. I would stick to damier if you don't want too worry too much about vachetta.
  14. karman, what would you suggest if I will only get one? (I know...how sad!)
  15. I would go with damier ... not only that it is maintenance free but there's just way too many mono speedy runnin' around and most have dark, almost black handles ... ugh!