If you could only choose one Bal,what would it be?

  1. I'm having that dilema right now. After doing days of reading and research on this thread, I have decided to get my first Bbag but can only afford one for awhile.(Going to sell some handbags to purchase this one). Its a big thing for me, i recently got a Kooba and i thought wow thats expensive but now look at me? if i had known i would be spending this much on a bag, i wouldnt have believed it!

    If you could have one Balenciaga, that went with everything but also stood out, what would it be?

    I dont want black, im tanned and have dark hair so i find black handbags dont suit.

    In terms of style, i'm going with the city

    Do you lovely ladies think i should wait for the new colours to come out?

    In terms of colours, i like Magenta, Sandstone and caramel/browns but i was thinking, get something different ( eg aqua, blue) but then i dont want to change my handbag for my outfit so i am kinda stuck.

    I do apologise if this has been asked, you are all so patient with the newbies. Thank you again.
  2. Hi! I think the city is the best style to have if you only have one bbag. If you want the color to be multitasking why not chose an offbeat neutral like red or plomb(steel) from the winter collection? If you like blue you could try something like blue glacier which is neutral-ish and very pretty. Sandstone would also be a great choice, it is a wonderful color.
  3. I think a Sandstone city is a great choice for your first Bal. Sandstone is a gorgeous neutral, and the leather on a lot of Sandstone bags has been amazing!
    Bbags are addictive, so it likely won't be your last ;)
  4. does the city style fit over the shoulder?
  5. I'd definately get a Work. That way you wouldn't be stuck with a small bag (there's nothing worse). In previously released colours, I would choose Blueberry. In future colours, I would choose Violet...
  6. i've been very happy with my black men's weekender. love the way it drapes and i need the size although sometimes it isn't full and i like the way that looks too. like the long handles and hardware. would love one in bubblegum for warmer weather. eta i know they don't make a men's in pink but it's a nice fantasy!
  7. Ohhh violet - that sounds amazing. Would it go with everything though? Im so lazy, i tend not to change handbags, i suspect the work would be too big?

    ill have to go back to that website with all the info and have another look at how big a work is compared to a city.
  8. Sorry to add confusion. My favorites at the moment are the twiggy and the day style. And I prefer the bright colors

    Good luck
  9. Grenat is a great color. I don't know if you have considered it. It is a rich color with red undertones. IMO it goes with just about everything. It is inbetween the neutrals and the fun colors.:yes:
  10. IMHO, the Rouille, even though it's not a new color, it's extremely neutral but not drab!

    I've carried mine to work, the theatre, shopping, and it blends with everything in my wardrobe...which covers the color spectrum. It looks amazing with reds, blues, greens, and obviously black/white/brown/gray. I think the only thing it wouldn't go with is any other shade of orange.

    Good luck!
  11. Anthracite is also very classy...but you'll probably get the most versatility with Sandstone. You can dress it up, too, with colored charms or a scarf.
  12. Ink, Anthracite, Plomp are good dark "neutrals". The light neutrals would be Standstone, Natural, Greige. Or you could bravely get a bright Red or Rouille!