If you could only choose 1 color...which one?

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Which would you choose?

  1. burnt orange

  2. plum

  3. silver

  4. light pink

  5. black patent

  6. espresso

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I can only get one Ergo pleated satchel.
    I bought one yesterday, now I'm fretting if I made the right color choice.

    Background :
    -Most of my bags are neutral: camel, black, khaki sig & dress them w/ scarves.
    -I wear a lot of solid color clothes, often dark pants to work.
    -Dark jeans on weekends.
    -I'm pretty conservative.
    -I love tattersall, so I tend to favor colors w/ this lining.
    -I don't own a dark brown leather bag
  2. I voted for plum because I loooooove that family of colors and everyone needs some color in their handbag collection :smile:

    So I'd get plum first and then eventually pick up something in a dark brown :smile:
  3. Light pink :tup: Second would be orange, and third espresso.
  4. I vote for the light pink. It wound make a great spring bag.
  5. I voted for plum. It's very easy to match! And it would go great with dark pants and jeans.
  6. Based on what you usually wear, I voted for espresso, plus I dont think you can go wrong with that color! It will always look classic! Let us know what you decide.
  7. I voted for plum, it's so dang pretty!
  8. I voted for burnt orange. This is such a fun color and this one is on my wish list as well.
  9. IMO - the burnt orange is to dye for!!!! :tup: But I have a thing for orange.

    But if your more conservative, you probably wont like it.

    I say go for the brown since you dont have one.
  10. Well I voted for black patent because it's just such a hot bag. Now the espresso is simply yummy too, and I'm guessing that judging by your current collection, you would benefit from the espresso. Do you have any patent bags? You could justify getting another black bag by saying you don't have any patent! Anyway, I would choose the patent leather bag out of these choices because then you wouldn't have to worry about scratches as much or color transfer..and it seems that the leather on the ergo satchels may be very delicate. That's why I chose the pink patent instead of the rose, I was afraid of color transfer. Anyway, I don't think you could go wrong w/ any of these colors because they are all so gorgeous, but I would chose based on how easy the leather care would be. Good luck deciding!
  11. Thanks for your votes, all.
    (Espresso is in the lead!)

    I bought the burnt orange yesterday.
    It was a great pop of color.

    But, I'm nervous that I should have picked the espresso.
    Decisions, decisions!

    I love both.
    I may call and do a charge hold on espresso so I know I have her in my back pocket.

    Cannot buy both.
    Cannot buy both.
    Cannot buy both.
    I keep telling myself.

    I do have 1 patent bag already - it's a camel patent gallery tote. Love it.
  12. I voted for the light pink, that color is just so delicate and gorgeous in my opinion!

  13. OMG, KEEP it! That bag looks amazing in that color!!! Not all bags look good in orange...that one does. Save the brown for another bag....
  14. Sounds like a bit of color is in order:P I voted plum!
  15. Plum or burnt orange would both go well with the colors you already have but add a bit more color to your collection.