If you could only by bags from one designer for life who would it be?

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  1. I'm fairly new to the forum, but have picked up the courage to start my own thread. If I could only buy bags from one designer for the rest of my life, it would be a close call between Mulberry (bags for all occasions), Chanel (so iconic) and Hermes (such beauty), but I think I'd have to pick Hermes?
  2. That is an incredibly difficult question!!! (Maybe - on this forum - the equivalent of asking a parent to pick a favorite child?! :P)

    I'd stick with Coach forever. Their bags are tried and true and I love them.

    If I could AFFORD whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, though - hmm - maybe Alexander McQueen? Saint Laurent? Chanel?

    Again, the question is too hard!!! :flowers:
  3. Doesn't work for me. Hermes bags take y e a r s to come in so I may easily have to buy a Gucci or BV while I'm waiting :biggrin:
  4. For me, this was an easy one; Longchamp. Edgy, stylish, classic, easy, feminine, sharp, soft, they have something for every mood. Plus the quality is amazing for the price point!
  5. Celine. Stylish, excellent quality and readily available when needed
  6. Dior. It's so classy and timeless.
  7. Cool thread! I'd say Chanel, even though I only have classics, Chanel doesn't get boring, every season there's something new.
  8. Louis Vuitton! They have such a variety!
  9. Hermes. But I'd have to figure out a way to sneak just one Chanel flap in there!
  10. I only buy LV now, so I'd continue with that....
  11. Thanks VernisCerise, I'm loving the answers :smile:
  12. Liebeskind. Hah! This surprised me, too...

    Why? Buttersoft leather like Mulberry, tank strength like Chloè, huge variety of models like Longchamp, indestructible like Hermès.
  13. Mulberry, no questions about that. :smile:
  14. Are we talking about brands we'd feel comfortable buying/can afford at the moment, or is it free for all? :lol:
  15. This is so easy - Gucci!! IMO, no other brand has the perfect combo of browd diversity, excellent quality, staying power and (relatively) good price point for a premium brand

    My favorite brand, Chanel, is actually my second choice. The classics are TDF and go anywhere with anything. And, there are also so many other great options from business to casual to evening. But the brand relays heavily on various typed of quilting and I don't always want that look in a bag.