If you could only buy one Birkin, what color would you choose?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been lurking here for a while, and have had Birkins on my mind recently. While I am still a few years away from realistically owning one, I wanted to pose this question - if you could buy only one Birkin, what color would you choose?

    I've been thinking about this a lot, and tried to do a search to see if this topic has been discussed before (and I couldn't fine anything...but if I missed, I apologize for the repetitive post).

    I don't think I will ever be in the financial position of ever owning more than one Birkin (not to mention my FI would kill me), and have been trying to figure out what I should aim for. I still don't know the answer for myself, but would love to hear from everyone else here.

  2. Hi SuLi!! I would go with black....
  3. Black... or blue jean... or gold!! err... if i had to choose just one it would probably be black

    btw nice to see you here SuLi!! i just snuck in here too!
  4. black, gold or graphite. but really you need to pick the one that makes you happiest, that would go with your wardrobe and coloring and that you will want to use forever!
  5. Gold or Rouge H
  6. Rouge H. It is sooooo Hermes and goes with almost anything.
  7. All the suggestions so far have been perfect! Black, gold, rouge H, graphite. All gorgeous neutrals.
  8. Vermillion, Rough H, Rough Vif (I am a big time red bag lover^^:p) or Blue jean or vert anis if red is not an option...
  9. Gold (a very warm brown tone). Classical Hermes and goes with everything. Ages beautifully.
    Be careful, the buying works quicker than you think. Once you've been bitten by the H bug, there's no way back!
  10. Ditto hlfinn. Black, Gold or Graphite. But I wouldn't say no to Blue Jean or Potirin. Any one of these!
  11. Oh my! Thanks for the quick responses! I think you guys are making it harder...I realize that it's totally an addiction!

    I'll be pondering this for a while...
  12. Rouge H. I'd want to be noticed!!
  13. blue jean gets my vote ...... you can always get a great black or brown bag. blue jean makes it more special IMO.
  14. If it's going to be your one-and-only, I would go against the neutral grain here too - you can always get another black or gold bag. Hermes' colors are all so beautiful - go through the color thread in the reference section and pick one that makes your heart go pitter-pat.
  15. Rouge H with gold HW...neutral, but not black or brown (which can be had anywhere).