If You Could Only Buy 1 Mono and 1 Damier...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've only recently grew an interest in LV and would like to own one bag in each collection.
    I've been very indecisive, especially in the Damier collections since there are so many Damiers that I like,
    (not as many in the monograms) so please advise me on what you'd buy if you could only own 1 in each.

    I am contemplating on:
    Mono Speedy 30 (because it seems to be the Classic choice)
    and Damier Alma

    I've already bought the Speedy 30 in Damier, should I exchange it for the Mono? (I prefer the Alma in Damier)
    If I keep the Speedy in Damier, which Mono should I get?
    Decisions decisions!! :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. Loungegirl...swear that didn't read your answer first, but my choices and what I have as faves are...

    1. Damier Alma
    2. Mono 30 Speedy

    I was carrying my Alma today in my town where NOBODY has a clue what Vuitton is and was compliemented on what a beautiful bag I had.
  3. Exchange the Speedy 30 to Mono and get the Alma in Damier. :smile:
  4. Damier Speedy
    Mono Batignolles (either BH, BV, or the regular)
  5. Mono Speedy 25, Damier Speedy 25.

  6. Great minds think alike! ;)
    But my mind is also wondering about the Mono - BH, unfortunately I don't think it looks good on me... I'm only 5"4.
  7. Definitely get the alma in damier, popincourt haut in mono. That way you have one handheld and one shoulder bag.
  8. I have - mono Speedy 25 and Saleya PM and love them!
  9. damier papillon30
    mono speedy 25

  10. Same here - but a mono 30 to go along with it please.
  11. mono speedy 30
    damier speedy 25

    (: that's what i have and i couldn't ask for more!
  12. I have the mono and damier speedies both in 25, but I'm really lusting for the damier duomo!
  13. keep the damier speedy get a papillon 30 in mono one sholder bag one hand held. Mono speedy is so faked and common unlike the damier plus its worryfree(vachetta)
  14. mono speedy 25 (which i have) or a 30 (which i want), and a damier speedy 30!
  15. Cabas alto in damier and pegase 50 in mono