If you could modify any CFs to your likings...

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  1. What would it be?

    I'll start with a classic mini. For me, I hope Chanel will one day make a square mini with the 4-grommets and lengthen the chain strap to approximately 22-23 inches. I love the look of the square mini, but for my height, I prefer the length of the rectangular mini. Also, I would love to have Chanel bring back the old caviar. Sigh...my wishful thinking...
  2. The price :P
  3. +1 million :graucho:
  4. Agree! ;)

    Also agree with OP on square mini with longer strap. I want one but holding back coz the strap is too short for crossbody on me.
  5. I wish they would do custom flaps! I missed out on 11 pink patent/ 09 fuschia and I will kill for those now:lol:
  6. Back to single flap, and longer chain on the maxi (almost like jumbo length)