If you could 'make' any LV bag, which one would it be? Any fabric, any style, etc!!

  1. I was just thinking it would be fun to create a kind of 'wish list' of Vuitton styles that don't exist, but you wish they did.

    Here's my list:

    1. Damier keepall 50 WITH STRAP!!

    2. Fuschia Vernis Speedy

    3. Epi speedy in a purple/eggplant color!
  2. Medium white Multicolore agenda with a Koala closure. Or the same in Monogram with the pink lining...

    More medium agendas need to exist.
  3. i'd like a Speedy, Trouvile and Papillon in Suhali and Monogram Mat. i absolutely [​IMG] the Suhali leather, and i'd love to have a black Speedy, black or white Trouville, and a geranium Papillon with the S-lock closure (i'll let LV figure that out somehow [​IMG]!), but minus all the gold studs if possible. and in the Monogram Mat i'd want them all in Noir:tender:.

    i'd also like a black Taiga Musette Salsa with my initials heatstamped on the inside of the flap. sometimes i take my boyfriend's Taiga Viktor out of the closet and just hold it and stare at it, because i love the leather so much [​IMG]. and if i had the Musette Salsa in Taiga leather it would be so durable, because i love messenger bags, and i use them for school and when i go to my on-campus job in the dorm dining hall.

    oh and i want a Vernis baby Bedford -- like the ones for the Soufflot and Papillon 30 -- in Perle and Marshmallow :love:

    I'M BUILDING MY CASTLES IN THE AIR HERE. but i'll post more when i can think of them [​IMG]!
  4. oooohhhh i like the speedy 25 in fuschia vernis
    :P :wlae: :yahoo:
  5. A ginormo cabas alto style bag in the pink trapeze fabric !
  6. Ooh I completely forgot about the monogram mat!! I want a speedy in that for sure!!
  7. (sorry, posted this twice)!! damn dog!
  8. I would like:
    1. A groom speedy
    2. A cherry blossom speedy
    3. A cerises papillon
    4. A panda speedy

    I'm just on a discontinued kick right now lol
  9. Epi Carryall in Myrtille

    I'm going to special order it once I have enough funds. :amuse:
  10. keepall groom
  11. Germanium L'Extravagant, Suhali keepall 45 like the MC studs and all the same except in Suhali, Damier Keepall 50 with strap, epi keepall 50 with strap, tobago keepall with strap, large ring suhali agenda, more shoes for men/women made with more leathers like epi, suhali, tobago, an epi absesses, MC musette just like the perfo but minus the perfo, suhali speedy just like the mc studs, pocket and all,

    more to come
  12. how about a whole damier pastel line???
    light green/white
    baby blue/white

    Am I just getting TOO girlie?!?
  13. Manhattan GM in black/grey Damier!!
  14. I would make a saddle style bag in Epi leather. (Does one exist?:shame: )
  15. A Cherry blossom MIZI!