If you could live in any movie or TV show, what would it be?

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  1. You know I'm a dreamer. :biggrin: I just heard Prince Zuko's voice coming from the TV that someone's watching while I was in my room, and I felt an urge to rush out to "meet" him. That's what brought out this question.
  2. Reality Show: The Hills or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! shallow, i know. LOL

    TV Show: General Hospital. they have the yummiest men!!!

    Movie: Sex and the City
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    ^ Hey, we're all shallow one way or another.

    Well, spinning off from my first post-
    Fantasy- Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated series version, not the hellaciously horrible movie). Although, I'd probably really, really miss the technology IRL and my hobbies and career/education goals surrounding it.

    Because I'd miss what I would miss in Avatar: The Last Airbender-
    A time travel movie like Hot Tub Time Machine, lol, but I'd go my separate way. I wouldn't want to end up with Cusack and his buddies. I've always been fascinated by time travel and have plenty of things that I'd do over in a heartbeat.
  4. TV show: Supernatural but right next to Dean and Sam because I am that shallow. I just want eye candy 24/7.

    The next tv show would Star Trek - I like the idea of living in space and meeting a bunch of aliens (only the non hostile ones).

    Still have to think of one for movie.
  5. The Vampire Diaries - only if I can be Elena so I can ditch boring Stefan and get with Damon!
  6. Satc!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. MOVIE: any james bond flick.

    give me traveling throughout europe on a "mission" with daniel craig while fighting bad guys in spy mode any day of the week!!! :yes:

    TV SHOW: sex and the city, for sure!!!
  8. Avatar, totally.

    I'd also like to work with Dexter. I love forensics, so it'd be an awesome place to be, as long as I stay off his table.

    Oh, oh and Harry Potter! Who wouldn't want to live in a world with wizards and magic?

    I *wouldn't* want to live in the setting of True Blood. Too many predators - vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies - and you never know who you can trust.
  9. Sex and the City: Charlotte's life (I have always adored her fashion style, her apartment, and how she fell for Harry)
  10. Pushing Daisies. Totally and completely.
  11. Lots of mention of Sex and the City, lol.
  12. TV: I would probably want to be part of Girlfriends (back when Toni Childs was on)

    Movies: Paris Je T'aime. I love love love love Paris!
  13. LOL! Not necessarily in the TV show, but I always wanted to live in the house from "Webster". I even went as far as to draw my own floor plans for the parts we didn't see on TV.
  14. GOSSIP GIRL!!!!
    All the way.
  15. When I was young, I really wanted to be in Gilmore girls. I loved that show and everyone in it. I even fantasized about being an extra on that show!