If you could just have ONE....

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  1. ok, hope this hasn't been done before.....

    what if you could only have ONE Bottega - what would it be? This is similar to the threads about your dream bags or fantasy colors but a little different....think about ease of use, shape, size, practical color (or not)....if you could only have ONE (oh, the torture!!!)

    what bag have you so much enjoyed carrying/owning that it would be your ONE?

    I'm still pondering my answer.....I have a new medium Cabat (ebano) that I've been carrying for about two weeks....still not positive that it would be my ONE....!
  2. Definitely my medium veneta in magnolia....
  3. think it would be black large veneta although i dont have one it that colour ...yet !
  4. gingerale, I might agree with you. I've owned several that I've sold...the one I keep going back to and will never get rid of is my medium veneta in black - that might be the one for me...although, I'm still thinking....!
  5. Large Cabat in the old silver colour from Resort 2005. :love:
  6. Hmm.. medium veneta in Old Petra :heart:
  7. It's so hard to choose only one. Between the Noce Madagascar croc tote bag and the Limo Coco lave croc messenger bag... I guess I would choose the messenger bag since I could see myself using it everyday. :p
  8. i guess the veneta is popular - for me it would be the large veneta in ebano - dark enough to not stain so easily, classic and neutral and unique to BV.
  9. Hands down...


    What I would give for that bag............*sigh*
  10. Borsa Nappa Umbria
  11. Tough one! Either the Old Petra Anaconda bag or a Limo croc Campana. I'd probably get more use out of the Campana.
  12. Mmmm small cocker in Malva galuchat
  13. Large veneta in the butter colour I have (seasonal from 2004), lighter than noce.

    I adore my ebano campana as well I have to admit.
  14. Noce Campana
  15. I think I will want a large veneta in noce.