If you could have this bag BUT couldn't BUY for 1 year??

  1. Im not a fan of this bag.. it reminds me of Hermes Birkin and if i am to pay $$$$ for a crocodile bag, then i would choose Hermes crocodile.. just my honest opinion!
  2. Not really a fan of that bag.
  3. agree Hermes crocodille is TDF:drool:
  4. I like the bag, but with that price, I could buy a bunch more LV that'll be worth it!
  5. I wouldn't buy because this particular seller is jacking up her prices SO SO high. I would buy lots of lovely bags for that much money. It's cute, but what if you got tired of the leopard in a year or two and then wished for all the beautiful bags you could have - how about a pretty bag and a lovely vacation???
  6. gorgeous bag - but i think i'd rather have a crocodile birkin!
  7. well....i don't think i can live with one bag and not buying another one for a year!! i mean ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! it'd be torturing.....

    nice bag but not really my type :smile:
  8. have to be forever...but no, like it , but no...
  9. Posted a question earlier about this bag. There was one yesterday at the seattle store. Think its $13,500.
    Decided against it. Do like it, very few LV's that I like. Not a fan of the LV canvas unless its on a suitcase. One thing you won't be seeing this bag everywhere you go. Good Luck!
  10. I like this bag very much but I am not sure how useful it will be.
  11. nope
  12. I hardly doubt I can only buy one bag in a whole year. LOL.
  13. exactly!!!!:yes: :yes:
  14. Like the bag, but that would pay for one year of my children's college tuition. I am a sucker for LV but not that big of a sucker!