If you could have only ONE HH bag....

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  1. ...which would you pick? I have a sloane satchel on the way and a havana which I like. I have read so many posts about every bag and was wondering which you won't/couldn't/wouldn't give up.
    DH is up to here with bags :tdown:and refuses to let me have more of his closet for storage. :sad:He won't let me buy another organizer for them either. :smile:
    I have a toddler and a 10 month old so I would need something big enough for the kids things. The havana would be large enough but I prefer a ziptop.
    Anyhow do tell which is your favorite.
  2. I really want a sonia leather tote :sad:
  3. Ignoring the issue of color (when I like a bag style I buy it in every color) - and just focusing on style, for me it would be:

    Bags I could let go if necessary: my Sloanes, Tharpes & Havanas

    Bags I could not let go: my Trophy bags, Corcovados, & Beatrice (I want more Beatrices!)

    Bag that would have to be pryed out of my clutched fingers at gunpoint to take it away from me: my Sonia Anthracite. My first HH bag! She will always have a special place in my heart.
  4. Hands down, prune Gaza hobo.
  5. Wyeth tote in cordovan
  6. That's a really tough question - I can't imagine getting rid of my Nico, Lorca, Havana or Tharpe.

    BUT .. if I was only able to pick ONE .. I'd have to say the Tharpe ... but I would so miss the others :crybaby:
  7. Heaven Forbid! I'm still in collecting mode with HH. (I only have 3) but I would definately pick my Mercer 3C Satchel as one I could never never give up.
  8. mmmm tough call. I guess my Hudson satchel in cocoa, which was my 2nd HH bag. This bag is just so me. For a year or so after I got it seemed that I kept buying more HH bags just to try to replicate my LOVE for this bag! However, I also adore my VCP Havana BUT I'm thinking at some point I might get sick of her whereas I would never get sick of Mr. Hudson!
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    Pasdedeux - someone on another board is selling one for $230. Are you interested as i can send you her contact info. (Is this allowed?)
  10. I am such a newbie that I don't recognize some of the names. :smile: I can't wait to find MY bag.
  11. Great idea for a thread! I was actually going to post something similar. I have six HH bags and the ones I could not live without are my corcovados, hands down (I own KP and pewter). I love all of the bags in some way but I am slightly obsessed with the corcs. They are so functional with all the pockets and so lightweight for their size. I love large bags but most of the time can't carry them for more than an hour because of their weight. Not so with the corcs! And IMHO they are the perfect bags for moms because of all the pockets. I don't know how I'm going to convince myself to switch to another bag!

    I think gingey would concur with me on this point...I believe she said she would give up all of her other HH bags in exchange for keeping her KP corc!
  12. It would have to be a Havana, I have three of them! So that's definitely my fav.

  13. :tup: for an all around ITA...but I'm still looking for an every day smaller one..Conrad or Mercer perhaps..but still not the complete love fest I am having with my Corc.
  14. My Clara! She is gorgeous! Even though it is probably one of my smallest bags, it is stunning. But that might change once I get my Wyeth hobo. I am a big bag whore! LOL
  15. I would have to say my corcovado. I love my cordovan and use it so much, I have another in khaki on the way.