If You Could Have Only One Hermes Bag, A Kelly or a Birkin . . .

Which Hermes Bag Would You Choose as Your One and Only?

  • Kelly 25

  • Kelly 28

  • Kelly 32

  • Birkin 25

  • Birkin 30

  • Birkin 35

  • Something Else

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May 15, 2006
Which one of the bags I've listed in this poll would be your perfect Hermes bag, your dream bag, your one and only Hermes bag. When you've made your choice, please add a post explaining why, including the specifications of your "one and only." Although I haven't included the Mini Kelly or Constance or so many other Hermes bags, you can choose "Something Else" and add a post with your choice.

For example, it could be a Black Box Calf Sellier Kelly 28 with Palladium Hardware or a Rouge H Matte Porosus 25 Birkin with Gold Hardware.
Kelly 32
  • Can be a handheld, shoulder or crossbody bag (with appropriate strap)
  • Not to big or too small or too wide (B35 can get wide)
  • Classic shape and proportions with authority (hate small bags as they look like toys)
  • Can be dressed up (no strap) or down (wide longer strap for crossbody.
Those were my considerations when choosing my first Hermes, with thinking that I would need only one.

ETA: I thought there’s a similar thread on the topic but couldn’t find it using the search button…. :shrugs:
B25, I’m a B person bc I like everything open and I prefer handheld (better for RTW shoulders)

But, the mini K II is very nice as I don’t carry much. I don’t wear my K25 as much.

In terms of my build, my classic size is K28/ B30. Regardless of fashions or trends, that size always looks good on me.
But, I’m finding them more heavy as I get older lol.

ETA: Except for the mini K, I consider the other sizes daytime bags. Mainly bc I go casual at night and usually have to keep my bag in my chair.
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B30 definitely!
I've owned a B35 - too heavy. A couple of K32s which were a faff to open and a bit restricted size wise. But a B30 is big enough to fit everything I could possibly need without the back / arm ache. Large enough handles to slide to the crook of my arm when I need both hands and can leave it open so just shove everything straight in / grab anything back out.. perfect :love:

(It wouldn't be any good for a night out, but then I rarely leave the house if I don't have to in the evenings :lol:)