If you could have only ONE BRIGHT BAG this year, which one would you pick:

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If you could only get one Bright bag,this year which one?

  1. Magenta LE

  2. Rouge

  3. Jaune

  4. Grape

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you could only have 1, which one would you chose:
  2. TOMATO!
    no, wait - VIOLET!
    argh - can we have 2????:yes:
  3. LOL! Nope, just one. :p
  4. I voted for violet!!! I really want a colorful bbag and I think that violet may be the one!?!
  5. rouge!
  6. No question...Magenta Le...no, wait....Rouge Tomato...no, sorry, Magenta LE...no...DEFINITELY Rouge Tomato. Or Magenta LE. Or rouge tomato.

    Or not.
  7. Yellow!
  8. Red !!!! as always :biggrin:
  9. I'm feeling a new purple bag needs to be in my life. Voted for Grape!
  10. ooh, this is a hard question. i like tomato, grape, and magenta...but i voted for grape. it's a tie between tomato and magenta. we've waited long enough for a purple, so finally! rouge is always made every year, and magenta is a "love or doesn't work for me" color. so unless you've seen magenta IRL and love it...:biggrin:
  11. Balenciaga's Magenta is very rich and modern. This color is very hard to replicate without looking cheap.
  12. It was a hard choice but I voted for Violet! If I could pick 2 I would say Rouge, too!
  13. I voted Magenta but also can't wait for Jaune! :yes:
  14. Jaune, because it's totally different from any other color I own. I also love yellow tones.
  15. Another vote for the rouge, i'm in love with the TOMATO! :graucho::p