If you could have only 1...

  1. If you could have only one handbag the rest of your life (ONLY ONE!!!) which would you choose and why? Price is no option but you can only have ONE! Even one you dont own or may never own in real life.
  2. I would rather die than make that choice. :sad:
  3. I would keep my bottega!
  4. I'd keep my kate spade pink satin amanda or LV speedy 35.
  5. I would keep my Gold Chloe Silverado. I love it so much. I'm seriously thinking about selling off a few of my other bags because I can't see me using them now I've got my lovely Chloe.
  6. Black Hermes Kelly!
  7. I would have YOUR Bottega. :nuts:

    I LOVE that purse, by the way. That is my absolute favorite purse.
  8. I would keep my Kelly bag, but I would be heartbroken to have to get rid of my LV Alma and Chanel Cerf tote.
  9. You dont know how i got it! it's my dream bag! I called my local store in my country during that season of this beautiful bag, and they told me they didnt recieve it yet! and there is a lengthy waiting list! a year later i was in search for my yellow bottega, i called my local store again and they told me it's out of stock! i got pissed so i called a neighbor country the guy was like oh yeah we have the yellow, then i asked him about the brown decalee (which looks like my black bag but with embroidery instead of leather-flowers) he is like it's out but we have the black decalee!!! i'm like wat!!! u have my dream bag, and from that day i used to call him everyday to make sure he recieved the wire transfer and to make sure he doesnt sell it until he recieves the money! and from here i got my bag!

    & it's gorgous! nothing like it --- in the whole world! total creativity! :love:

  10. hermes birkin croc in black w/ encrusted diamonds :love::love:... my dream bag :graucho:
  11. My one and only would be my Hermes black Kelly.
  12. WOW. I can't believe they still had it. Only 200 were made. You're ridiculously lucky!
  13. My black hermes birkin
  14. Hermes black Kelly
  15. My Balenciaga black city.